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Task Force on Clinical Applications of Cardiac Bio-Markers (TF-CB)


Name Position Country Term Time in Office
F. Apple Chair US 1st 2017 01 - 2019 12
P. Kavsak Member CA 1st 2017 01 - 2019 12
G. Lefevre Member FR 1st 2017 01 - 2019 12
K. Pulkki Member FI 1st 2017 01 - 2019 12
A. Saenger Member US 1st 2017 01 - 2019 12
R. Body Member UK 1st 2017 01 - 2019 12
SPC Lam Member SG 1st 2017 01 - 2019 12
T. Omland Member NO 1st 2017 01 - 2019 12
P. Collinson Consultant UK    
A. Jaffe Consultant US    
J. Ordoñez-Llanos Consultant ES    

Terms of Reference

  • Education; Established and novel cardiac biomarkers
  • Biochemistry of cardiac biomarkers
  • Clinical use of cardiac biomarkers: risk stratification, diagnostics, therapy
  • Laboratory issues on cardiac biomarkers: 99th percentiles, delta values, biological variation, quality specifications of assays

Current Projects

  • Development of educational materials about high-sensitivity, contemporary and point of care cardiac troponin assay use in clinical practice.
  • Development of educational materials about natriuretic peptide assay use in clinical practice
  • Development of educational expert opinion materials in collaboration with The Academy of the AACC on the use of cardiac troponin in coronary disease
  • Updating cardiac troponin and natriuretic peptide assay tables by both manufacturer claims and from peer-reviewed literature
  • Distribution of educational posters and mouse-pads addressing high sensitivity cardiac troponin assays at IFCC meetings in 2017


Resources and Downloads


On behalf of the members of the IFCC Task Force on Clinical Applications of Cardiac Bio-Markers (TF-CB), we post our first set of tables, updating the analytical characteristics of contemporary, point of care (POC) and high sensitivity (hs) cardiac troponin I and T assays; as provided by the manufacturer to the TF-CB. Please note that these tables represent information that were completed by the manufacturer. If after posting, the manufacturer notes any error, please email me ASAP, so these can be corrected. Also note that manufacturers may have submitted assays they claim to be ‘high sensitivity’ that do not meet the IFCC requirements of: a) <10% CV at the 99th percentile and b) >50% measurable concentrations > LoD (Apple FS, Jaffe AS, Collinson P, Mockel M, Ordonez-Llanos J, Lindahl B, Hollander J, Plebani M, Than M, Chann MHM, on behalf of the IFCC Task Force on Clinical Applications of Cardiac Bio-Markers. IFCC educational materials on selected analytical and clinical applications of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin assays. Clin Biochem 2015: 2015;48:201-203). As a Task Force we have not altered their information. By August 1, 2017, similar tables complied by the TF-CB will be posted that address the ‘evidence-based literature data’ for comparison. It is the plan of the IFCC TF-CB to update these tables every 6 months. Therefore, we encourage both industry and investigators to email me any new or updated assay information based on research publications or regulatory approval package inserts, to assist in our table updates.


Fred Apple PhD, Chair IFCC TF-CB


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List of Corresponding Members, nominated by National Societies

Name Full and Affiliate Member Societies
Galina Zemtsovskaja Estonian Society of Laboratory Medicine
Hannsjoerg Baum Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie und Laboratoriumsmedizin e.V. (DGKL)
Monica Mion Italian Society of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology (SIBioC)
Hiroshi Yoshida Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry (JSCC)
Dovile Karciauskaite Lithuanian Society of Laboratory Medicine
Akinosun Bayo Association of Clinical Chemists Nigeria (ACCN)
Lakminda Thilakarathna Association for Clinical Biochemistry, Sri Lanka
Aylin  Hakligor

Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS)

List of Corresponding Members, nominated by Corporate Members

Name Corporate members
Tricia Ravalico ABBOTT Laboratories
Geert Jannes FUJIREBIO Europe
Jordi Trafi Prats RADIOMETER
Frank Vitzthum SIEMENS Healthcare

List of addresses


Dr. Fred APPLE
Hennepin County Medical Center
Professor, Laboratory Medicine and
Pathology University of Minnesota
School of Medicine
701 Park Avenue
Clinical Labs P4
Minneapolis MN 55415
Tel.: +1  612 873 3324
Fax: +1 612 904 4229


Dr. Peter KAVSAK
McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences
Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Center
711 Concession Rd
L8V 1C3 Hamilton - CA

Guillaume LEFEVRE
Biochimie & Hormonologie
Hôpital Tenon  AP-HP
Hôpitaux Universitaires de l’Est Parisien (HUEP)
4, rue de la Chine  75970 PARIS CEDEX 20 - FR

Department of Clinical Chemistry,
University of Eastern Finland and Eastern Finland Laboratory Centre,
PO Box 1627,
FI-70211 Kuopio, Finland

University of Minnesota
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
425 Delaware St. SE, Mayo Building MMC609
Minneapolis, MN 55455, US

Richard BODY
Emergency Medicine Research Office,
Emergency Department,
Manchester Royal Infirmary,
Oxford Road,
M13 9WL, UK

Su Ping Carolyn LAM
National Heart Centre Singapore
SingHealth Duke-NUS Cardiovascular Academic Clinical Programme and Department of Cardiology
5 Hospital Drive
Singapore 169609 - SG

Torbjørn OMLAND
Akershus Universitetssykehus
1478 Lørenskog - NO



Department of Chemical Pathology
2nd Floor Jenner Wing
St George's Hospital
Blackshaw Road
London SW17 0QT UK
Tel.: +44  208 725 5934 
Fax: +44 208 682 0744

Dr. Allan JAFFE
Cardiovascular Division, Gonda 5
Mayo Clinic
200 First Street SW
Rochester - MN 55905
Tel.: +1 507 284 1648

Senior Consultant, Biochemistry Dept.
Hospital de Sant Pau
Professor of Clinical Biochemistry
Universitat Autònoma
Tel.: +34 935537359
Fax: +34 935537287

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