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The Journal is an educational and news vehicle intended for the individual members of the Full Member Societies. The journal has been allocated ISSN Number 1650-3414.

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Papers are solicited from well known experts in the field of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.
Since 1999, the e-JIFCC has only been published on the website.






Time in Office

G.L. Kovács Chair HU 2nd 2015 01 - 2017 12
K. Adeli Member CA
H.P. Bhattoa Member HU
E. Delvin Member CA    
N.E. Fink Member AR    
R. Greaves Member AU
M. Hallworth Member UK
A.R. Horvath Member AU
E. Jacobs Member US
A. Jaffe Member US
B. Jordan Member CH
J. Kappelmayer Member HU    
E. Koay Member SG    
T. Kőszegi Member HU
G. L. Myers Member US
T. Ozben Member TR
M. Pasic Member CA
M.del Carmen Pasquel Member EC
O. Racz Member SK
R.B. Raggam Member AT
R. Sierra Amor Member MX
S. Stankovic Member SR    
D. Syed Member US
G. Sypniewska Member PL    
J. Tate Member AU
P. Vervaart Member AU
S.E. Walz Member US
L. Açan Corr. Member TR
S Ghazali Corr. Member NG
R. Stonys Corr. Member LT

P. Vijay

Corr. Member


Note: The chair is Editor in Chief and is a member of the CPD Executive Committee, chairs the WG-eJIFCC and is responsible for the articles and material in each issue.

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