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IFCC Information Guide on COVID-19

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Table of Contents:

0. Introduction

  1. General Information
  2. Patient Screening
  3. Diagnostic Testing
  4. Biosafety Guidelines for the Clinical Laboratory
  5. Biochemical Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients
  6. Other Educational Materials & Webinars
  7. Big Data Tools

Disclaimer: This collection of resources on this webpage reflects a rapidly changing situation and due to the need for quick answers during the COVID-19 pandemic, we acknowledge that most fast-tracked publications are based on observations, often on a small number of cases, which would be considered as preliminary evidence. The IFCC Task Force has not critically appraised all resources cited here for scientific validity but tried to present information that is believed to help laboratory professionals in formulating their local policies in a more informed manner. The interim advice or conclusions presented here may change as more information is gathered.

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