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Cardiac markers

IFCC Committee on Standardization of Markers of Cardiac Damage: Premises and Project Presentation

Mauro Panteghini, 1 Laboratorio Analisi Chimico-Cliniche, Spedali Civili, Brescia, Italy

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The field of biochemical markers of cardiac damage is in dynamic state, with new applications continually appearing and new assays and markers being developed. These significant and rapid advancements in the development of new biochemical assays have led, however, to several analytic and interpretative problems. In this situation, it is essential that a uniform and rigorous outlook be maintained to ensure optimal test utilization. For these reasons, the IFCC Scientific Division recently agreed to establish a Committee on "Standardization of Markers of Cardiac Damage" (C-SMCD), inviting members from the already established American and European groups to become members of this Committee. In this presentation, the premises, the issues, and the proposed plan of action of C-SMCD are presented and discussed.

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