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The editors column: The Future Of The JIFCC


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The Journal of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (JIFCC) was launched in 1989 as a means of publishing IFCC recommendations and other official documents and as an educational tool for the benefit of the membership at large. At the time of the launch, Dr. Owen Ash was the Editor and he was followed by Dr. H.J. Lin. I was fortunate enough to be asked to be associate editor with Dr. H.J. Lin and I took over from her in 1996. Dr. J. Waldenstrom has now been appointed to take over the editorship in 1999. The JIFCC was distributed free to all members of the IFCC member societies, and was solely supported by revenue from advertisements. Initially the publisher was International Scientific Communications (ISC). Due to difficulties in generating enough revenue from advertisements, International Scientific Communications could not continue publishing JIFCC, and in 1996 publication of the journal was taken over by Globetech Publications. However, with recent consolidations and mergers affecting the diagnostics industry, an improvement in advertising revenues failed to materialize. Accordingly, it has been decided to discontinue publication of the journal in print format following the current issue, and maintain publication of the journal solely within electronic media. The IFCC has its own web page and there is a strong feeling that electronic publishing is the best way to continue the journal and keep in touch with the membership. Electronic publication has many advantages'cost of publication is very low, it is environmentally friendly (on trees), and it can be searchable for specific articles or topics. Very soon, clinical chemistry and laboratory personnel throughout the world will have access to the Internet. Based on these considerations and the lack of alternate funds, the Executive Board recommended to the Communications and Publications Division to publish the JIFCC electronically on the IFCC website. The website has already been established. It will now be possible to publish the JIFCC on the website regularly (at least 4 times a year). Under the leadership of the new Editor, J. Waldenstrom, and the guiding hand of B. Gouget, the Chairman of the Division, the journal will continue to thrive. IFCC News, which is an essential part of our communications, may be published in Clinical Chemistry And Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) or other appropriate media.

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