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Editorial vol 12 no 3


The eJIFCC continues to grow in popularity. An analysis of the access statistics from the web site reveals that the eJIFCC is the most popular section of the IFCC web site.

The web site visitor statistics have been analysed from the 1/1/2000. The graphs at the end of this report detail the site visits. In summary the web site has seen an increase in the number of accesses since the start of the year. The web site currently has a median of 574 accesses per day (IQR 417 � 743). This figure is accesses per day and not individual visits. There is no way at the present time to determine the number of unique individual visits.

The most popular section of the web site is the eJIFCC. Accesses to the eJIFCC on average account for around 20% of the total web site traffic. This translates to a monthly median of 250 accesses (IQR 145 � 525) of the eJIFCC home page

With regards to the location of access, as expected the most access comes from Europe and the USA, which accounts for over 50% of the web site traffic (I have assumed that most of the Unknown domains are from the USA). It should be noted however that the web site gets good coverage over most of the globe with all continents and regions represented aside from the Antarctic and the south pacific.

Most domains have shown either a slight increase or a steady state of access activity. With no one domain showing large increases. The Caribbean has recently (March 2000) shown its first activity on theIFCC web site.

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