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eJIFCC - Vol 13 n° 5

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eJIFCC Volume 13 no 5 - 2002

  Editorial - First FESCC Continuous Postgraduate Course in Clinical Chemistry: New trends in classification and management of diabetes mellitus
Elizabeta Topić
1 Pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus
Vladimir Palicka
2 Diabetes – Croatian model
Željko Metelko
3 New diagnostic criteria, new classification of diabetes mellitus and modern therapy approach
Ivana Pavlić-Renar
4 Genetic aspects of diabetes mellitus
Elizabeta Topić
5 Diabetes and autoimmunity
Borut Božič
6 Modern aspects of laboratory diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitus
Gábor L. Kovács
7 Atherosclerosis and thrombosis in diabetes mellitus
Ana Stavlenić Rukavi
8 Oxidative stress in diabetics
Victor Blaton
9 Early detection of chronic complications: Diabetic nephropathy
Darko Černe
10 Acute complications of diabetes mellitus
Oren Zinder
11 Disturbances of haemostasis in diabetes mellitus contributing to the development of atherosclerosis
Mojca Stegnar
12 Glycation and age in diabetes complications
Zdenka Turk
13 Apoptotic death of Beta-cells
Tihana Žanić-Grubišić
14 Bone remodelling in diabetes mellitus
Janja Marc
15 Monitoring of diabetes mellitus
Kor Miedema
16 Pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical factors influencing specific tests for diagnosis and monitoring of DM-National network in quality assessment
Dubravka Juretić, Sandra Božičević, Marijana Vučić Lovrenčić


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