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Words from the editor vol 13 no 3

   Words from the Editor
Words from the Editor

The electronic Journal of the International Federation for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine has now been published for well over two years. One of the reasons for going electronic was that we hoped that the journal would reach more readers than the old paper journal did. We still don't know if we do. Email the we would very much appreciate if you could, tell us what you think about the journal, possible improvements, adding new sections (e.g. "Case reports", "Technical notes" could be possible additions). We would also like to have your information on how you think we have succeeded in our aim to reach more readers. How is the situation in your country? Do most members of the IFCC have access to a computer?

Another thing we need help with is obtaining contributions to the journal. To-day it is fairly difficult to have people write articles for the journal and we are extremely grateful to those who do. Anything you can do to help us with this would be greatly appreciated. Write yourself or try to persuade people you know to do so. As you know, the aim of the journal is not primarily to publish articles from the scientific fore front (even if it should be nice to publish such articles as well) but rather reviews and educational articles.

I'm looking forward to a lively discussion and a downpour of contributions.

Johan Waldenstr�m

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