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eJIFCC - Vol 15 n° 2

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eJIFCC Volume 15 no 2 - 2004

1 The security of laboratory information and data on patients
David L. Williams, Jonathan Williams
2 New biochemical serum markers of bone turnover in renal osteodystrophy
Magdalena Krintus, Agnieszka Pater, Grazyna Sypniewska, Wieslaw Nowacki
3 Guidelines to subcontracting clinical laboratory examinations - A proposal of the Catalan Association for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
D. Dot-Bach, M. Fusté-Ventosa, M.À. Vernetta-Porta, X. Fuentes-Arderiu
4 Clinical case presentation - Fabry’s disease
5 Interpretation in clinical biochemistry - An external quality assurance scheme
Gordon Challand, Jacqui Osypiw
6 Ethics and bioethics in Europe
Bernard Gouget
7 IFCC Professional Scientific Exchange Programme (PSEP) - Report: Information from laboratory data. Interpretation of serial measurements
Natàlia Iglesias Canadell


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