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eJIFCC - Vol 17 n° 3

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eJIFCC Volume 17 no 3 - 2006

e Editorial - Vol 17 n° 3
Elizabeta Topić
1 New aspects in the immuno-pathogenesis of autoimmunity
Harald Renz
2 Genetics of autoimmune disease
Manfred Herold
3 Autoimmune aspects of pregnancy and infertility
Wilhelm H. Schmitt
4 Apoptosis and autoimmunity
Borut Božič, Blaž Rozman
5 Celiac disease - General and laboratory aspects
Xavier Bossuyt
6 Laboratory standards in diagnosis and therapy monitoring of rheumatoid arthritis
Andrea Tešija- Kuna
7 Laboratory standard in the diagnosis and therapy monitoring of autoimmune disease: Vasculitis
Branko Malenica
8 Theory targets and therapy in rheumatic diseases
Dubravka Bosnić
9 Laboratory standards in the diagnosis and therapy monitoring of systemic lupus erythematosus
Sandor Sipka
11 The quality assurance and organization of autoantibody laboratory
Tanja Kveder, Borut Božič
11 Statistical management of autoimmune diseases data
Mladen Petrovečki
12 Guidelines for antinuclear antibody testing
Allan S. Wiik


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