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eJIFCC - Vol 18 n° 1

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eJIFCC Volume 18 no 1 - 2007

New trends in classification, monitoring and management of Metabolic Syndrome
e Editorial - Vol 18 No 1
Elizabeta Topić
e The 6th FESCC Continuous Postgraduate Course in Clinical Chemistry
Elizabeta Topić, Pika Meško Brguljan, Victor Blaton
1 Pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome
Izet Aganović, Tina Dušek
2 Genetic succeptibility to metabolic syndrome
Janja Marc
3 How is the metabolic syndrome related to the dyslipidemia?
Victor Blaton
4 Coronary disease and metabolic syndrome
Gábor L. Kovács
5 Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome
István Wittmann
6 Pro-inflammatory and prothrombotic factors and metabolic syndrome
Grazyna Sypniewska
7 Evidence based laboratory medicine in the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome
Ana Stavljenić-Rukavin, Daria Pašalić
8 Hypertension and the metabolic syndrome
Lea Duvnjak
9 Approach to the treatment of the metabolic syndrome
Izet Aganović, Tina Dušek


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