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eJIFCC - Vol 19 n° 1

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eJIFCC Volume 19 no 1 - 2008

 e Editorial - Vol 19 No 1
Elizabeta Topić
1 Prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal disorders - Molecular aspects
Ana Stavljenić-Rukavina
2 Post-natal molecular diagnosis of inherited diseases
Maurizio Ferrari, Laura Cremonesi, Stefania Stenirri
3 Genetic risk assessment
György Kosztolányi
4 Global approach to biomedicine - Functional genomics and proteomics
Krešimir Pavelić, Marijeta Kralj, Sandra Kraljević, Mirela Sedić
5 Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine
Elizabeta Topić
6 Dose adjustments based on pharmacogenetics of CYP450 enzymes
Ron H.N. van Schaik
7 Pharmacogenetics of drug receptors
Janja Marc
8 Application of pharmacogenetics in dose individualization in diabetes, psychiatry, cancer and cardiology
Dorota Tomalik-Scharte
9 Point-of-care molecular diagnosis: A near future?
Ana-Maria Šimundić
10 Circulating nucleic acids as diagnostic tool
Maurizio Ferrari, Laura Cremonesi, Silvia Galbiati
11 European quality assessment networks in molecular diagnostics
Michael Neumaier
12 Ethics and legal issue of genetic testing
Jana Lukač Bajalo
13 Glossary - Definitions useful in understanding pharmacogenetics
D. Farkas


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