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Value Proposition for Laboratory Medicine (C-VPLM)







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A. St John




2018 01 - 2020 12

R. Christenson


 US  1st

2018 03 - 2020 12



 UK  1st

2018 03 - 2020 12



 DE  1st

2018 03 - 2020 12 

F.Curcio  WASPaLM Rep.


M.Oellerich  WASPaLM Rep.


I.Parwati  WASPaLM Rep.


N.Massakazu Sumita          WASPaLM Rep.


R.Verna  WASPaLM Rep.


C. Price  Consultant



Terms of reference

1. To advocate adoption of the value proposition in laboratory medicine/healthcare

Continuing work in the form of peer-reviewed publications, congress symposia and presentations to local meetings is required to describe and define the value proposition in laboratory medicine and to advocate its widespread adoption. During the first 3 years of this committee it is intended that this work would be restricted to laboratory medicine professionals albeit with interaction with appropriate clinical specialists relevant to the particular tests As the group expands the body of knowledge on the value proposition in firstly laboratory medicine and then in other healthcare disciplines then this work can be extended.

2. To develop a compendium of tools for laboratory medicine specialists to establish the value for individual medical tests within individual    health care systems.

Case studies will be undertaken for specific medical tests according to the principles of the value proposition in specific healthcare systems. There is a need to develop the principles for the preparation of such case studies for publication in the current peer-reviewed journals in order that they reach the appropriate audience. This work has been commenced and will continue for 3 years. It will include test laboratories applying the value proposition framework to a particular medical test and assessing the outcomes. At the end of this period it is proposed that a compendium of tools generalisable for the preparation of documents demonstrating the value proposition for any medical test will be described in a major review publication.


List of Corresponding Members, nominated by National Societies:


National Society


F.B. Aksungar

 Turkish Biochemical Society   TR
T. Badrick  Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists   AU
M. Barrionuevo Gonzalez     Sociedad Española de Medicina de Laboratorio   ES
P. Laitinen Finnish Society of Clinical Chemistry  FI
K. Saito  Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry   JP
D.Grenache American Association Clinical Chemistry  US

List of Corresponding Members, nominated by Corporate Members:








Committee Chair's contact:

Dr. Andrew St.John
ARC Consulting
14 Learoyd Street
MT Lawley, WA, 6050


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