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IFCC PoCT International Symposium

16 - 17 November 2015 - Cancun, Mexico


Monday 16th November

Moderators: Rosy Tirimacco & Rosa Sierra-Amor


Welcome/Update on PoCT within IFCC

Rosy Tirimacco


How can PoCT assist Cardiovascular Services in Mexico

Gustavo F Mendez Machado


PoCT within Mexican Association of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Rosa Sierra-Amor


Avoiding Pre-analytical Errors in Blood Gases

Anne Skurup


Blood Gases Made Easy

Trevor Allison


Laboratory preparation for Ebola: Accelerating Diagnosis at the Point of Need

Gerald Kost

Moderators: Gustavo F Mendez Machado & Anne Skurup


Setting up a Cardiology Clinical Network

Philip Tideman


PoCT Supporting Management of Diabetic Patients

Melchor Alpizar-Salazar


Update on Molecular PoCT

Ellis Jacobs


PoCT for the Early Detection of Acute Kidney Injury

Gustavo F Mendez Machado


Early Detection of Renal Disease

Gregorio Obrador


From Generation to the Interpretation of the Liporenal Toxicosis

Samuel Treviño


Uricosuria: Biochemical Metabolic Dysfunction Footprint recommendations?

Jose Angel Hernandez

Tuesday 17th November

Moderators: Sverre Sandberg & Gustavo Mendez


Troponin – When is an Assay High Sensitive?

Paul Collinson


When is an Elevated Troponin not ACS

Allan Jaffe


Point of Care Troponin Tests

Paul Collinson


Troponin Case Studies

Paul Collinson
Allan Jaffe
Philip Tideman


Management of AF

 Philip Tideman


Impact of glucose meter error on efficacy of glycemic control after cardiovascular surgery

Brad Karon

Moderators: Rosa Sierra-Amor & Rosy Tirimacco


Principles of QC

Sverre Sandberg


Why do I need to run IQC and EQA and how often should I run them?

Moderator: Rosy Tirimacco
Adil Khan
Rosa Sierra-Amor
Ellis Jacobs


PoCT is useful for disaster relief activity. Experience from the laboratory medicine support after the Great East Japan Earthquake Part 1 and Part 2

Hideo Sakamoto


PoC Natriuretic Peptides – How can they help with Diagnosis and Management of Heart Failure?

Allan Jaffe


Wrap up and Close

Rosy Tirimacco

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