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Harmonisation of Interpretive Comments EQA (WG-ICQA)




Time in Office
S. Vasikaran   Chair AU  2nd 2018 01 - 2020 12
M. Plebani Member IT    
E. Kilpatrick Member UK    
T. Badrick Member AU    
K. Sikaris Member AU    
J. French Member UK    
J. Osypiw Member UK    
M. Metz Member AU    
M. Turzyniecka Member ZA    


Sub-group for harmonisation of reporting of protein electrophoresis and serum free light chains, and quantification of small monoclonal proteins:






J. Tate Chair AU
M. Graziani Member IT
M. Moss Member CA
M. Willrich Member US



The IFCC Working Group on Harmonization of Interpretive Commenting EQA (WG-ICQA), invites all Laboratories interested in the proteinelectrophoresis and serum free light chains, and quantification of small monoclonal proteins to complete the Survey that is available at: 



This new WG will seek harmonisation in the operation of EQA schemes for interpretive comments with a view to increasing the possibility of obtaining evidence to demonstrate benefit to patients.

Terms of Reference

  • To bring together representatives of current and potential organisers of national EQA schemes for IC and experts in the area.
  • Develop harmonised goals for EQA of IC.
  • Devise standard methods of assessment, nomenclature and marking scales for EQA of IC.
  • Establish minimum standards of performance for participants.
  • Construct plan to collect evidence to demonstrate the impact of participation in EQA for IC on patient outcome.

List of Corresponding Members, nominated by National Societies

Name Full and Affiliate Member Societies
Masanori Seimiya Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry (JSCC)
Valdas Banys Lithuanian Society of Laboratory Medicine
D Mselia Association of Clinical Chemists Nigeria (ACCN)
Mehmet Senes Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS)



IFCC POSITION PAPER on Clin Chem Lab Med 2016 Dec 1;54(12):1901-1911

Samuel Vasikaran, Kenneth Sikaris, Eric Kilpatrick, Jane French, Tony Badrick, Jacqui Osypiw and Mario Plebani, on behalf of the IFCC WG Harmonization of Quality Assessment of Interpretative Comments "Assuring the quality of interpretative comments in clinical chemistry"


Working Group Chair's contact

Department of Clinical Biochemistry
PathWest-Royal Perth Hospital
GPO Box X2213
Perth 6847, WA
Telephone: (+61) 8 9224 2453
Fax: (+61) 8 9224 1789

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