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eJIFCC Vol 28 n°1

Published: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

eJIFCC Volume 28 no1 - February 2017

In this issue: Recent Advances in Pediatric Laboratory Medicine

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1 Foreword of the editor
Gábor L. Kovács
2 Recent advances in pediatric laboratory medicine
Guest Editor: Edgard Delvin
3 Pediatric obesity and cardiometabolic disorders: risk factors and biomarkers
E. Levy, A.K. Saenger, M.W. Steffes, E. Delvin
4 Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome: pathophysiology and laboratory assessment
Victoria Higgins, Khosrow Adeli
5 Pediatric reference intervals for biochemical markers: gaps and challenges,
recent national initiatives and future perspectives
H. Tahmasebi, V. Higgins, A. Fung, D. Truong, N. White-Al Habeeb, K. Adeli
6 The utility of CSF for the diagnosis of primary and secondary monoamine
neurotransmitter deficiencies
A.B. Burlina, A. Celato, G. Polo, C. Edini, A.P. Burlina
7 Pediatric reference intervals for transferrin saturation in the CALIPER cohort
of healthy children and adolescents
Victoria Higgins, Man Khun Chan, Khosrow Adeli
8 Congenital hyperinsulinism caused by a de novo mutation in the ABCC8 gene – a case report
Z. Molnár, L. Balogh, J. Kappelmayer, L. Madar, É. Gombos, I. Balogh
9 Letter to the editor – Hemochromatosis, erythrocytosis and the JAK2 p.V617F mutation
Stephen E. Langabeer


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