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eJIFCC Vol 28 n°4

Published: Tuesday, December 19, 2017

eJIFCC Volume 28 no 4 - December 2017

TF-CKD special issue: The laboratory diagnostics of chronic kidney diseases
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1 Farewell message from the editor-in-chief
Gábor L. Kovács
2 Foreword of the editor
Gábor L. Kovács
3 IFCC Task Force on Chronic Kidney Disease (Integrated Project) (TF-CKD) special issue
Flavio F. Alcantara, Vanja Radišić Biljak
4 Task Force on CKD – we have come a long way
Graham R. D. Jones
5 Did creatinine standardization give benefits to the evaluation of glomerular filtration rate?
L. Piéroni, A.S. Bargnoux, J.P. Cristol, E. Cavalier, P. Delanaye
6 Moving toward standardization of urine albumin measurements
Jesse C. Seegmiller, W. Greg Miller, Lorin M. Bachmann
7 Cystatin C is indispensable for evaluation of kidney disease
Anders Grubb
8 Novel filtration markers for GFR estimation
Amy B. Karger, Lesley A. Inker, Josef Coresh, Andrew S. Levey, John H. Eckfeldt
9 A pathway to national guidelines for laboratory diagnostics of chronic kidney disease
V. Radišić Biljak, K. Moberg Aakre, D. Yucel, A.S. Bargnoux, J.P. Cristol, L. Piéroni
10 A summary of worldwide national activities in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) testing
R. Ruiz-Arenas, R. Sierra-Amor, D. Seccombe, S. Raymondo, M. S. Graziani, M. Panteghini,
T. A. Adedeji, S. N. Kamatham, V. Radišić Biljak
11 Evaluation of correlation coefficient of polyethylene glycol treated and direct prolactin results
Shyamali Pal
12 Letter: Lab test findings in the elderly
Barna Vásárhelyi, Lóránd A. Debreczeni
13 Erratum


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