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eJIFCC Vol 29 n°3

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2018

eJIFCC Volume 29 no 3 - 2018

In this issue: Laboratory medicine – meeting the needs of Mediterranean nations (Part 1)
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1 Foreword of the editor-in-chief
János Kappelmayer
2 Laboratory medicine: meeting the needs of Mediterranean nations
Guest Editors: Sergio Bernardini, Bernard Gouget
Transmissible diseases in the Mediterranean area
3 Communicable diseases in the Mediterranean region
Ghassan Shannan
4 Are medical laboratories ready for the diagnosis of parasitic diseases?
Ahmet Özbilgin
5 Travel, migration and emerging infectious diseases
Nicolas Vignier, Olivier Bouchaud
Training and education in laboratory medicine
6 Is the profession of laboratory medicine uniform across the North Mediterranean countries?
Konstantinos Makris
7 EFLM project “Exchange of practical knowledge and skills in Laboratory Medicine” – EFLMLabX
Evgenija Homšak
Improving health with emerging technologies
8 Economic evaluation as a tool in emerging technology assessment
Nataša Bogavac-Stanojević
9 Who or what is SHERLOCK?
Ann M. Gronowski
10 Advancement in POCT molecular testing: the multiplex PCR POCT devices for infectious diseases
Alpaslan Alp
11 New solutions for the sample transport and results delivery: a digital lab
Damien Gruson
12 Next generation sequencing: from research area to clinical practice
Chiara Di Resta, Maurizio Ferrari
13 miRNA and other non-coding RNAs as promising diagnostic markers
Dorota Trzybulska, Eleni Vergadi, Christos Tsatsanis
14 Letter: NGS for metabolic disease diagnosis
Dèlia Yubero, Rafael Artuch
15 Letter: Reflections on the mentor-mentee relationship as a symbiosis
Josep Miquel Bauça
16 Letter: Inter-laboratory exchange of knowledge and technology around our Sea
Guilaine Boursier


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