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IFCC eNews: June 2018     

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  • Report for the IFCC VLP - Tunisian Society of Clinical Biology (STBC), JNBC 2018

  • In memory of Dr Norbert Tietz

  • Commutability explained in freely available resources

  • Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council: Clinical Case Studies

  • IFCC Task Force for Young Scientists presents: a mentorship interview

  • The next “big leap” forward for lab medicine: artificial intelligence


    • Meeting report from Pakistan (PSCP)

    • News from the Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine (SEQCML)

    • Clinical Chemistry Ibero-American Symposium and Expolab, Guatemala 2018

    • Report from the Chinese Association for Clinical Biochemistry (Taiwan)

    • News from the Saudi Society for Clinical Chemistry (SSCC)

    • Essential underpinnings of Clinical Laboratory Reference Values discussed at the French Academy of Medicine – a SFBC initiative


  • IFCC's Calendar of Congresses, Conferences & Events

IFCC Handbook 2018 - 2020 2018-06-12T12:32:16Z /ifcc-news/2018-06-12-ifcc-handbook-2018-2020/ IFCC Office The IFCC Handbook 2018 - 2020
  now available on the IFCC website

The Handbook puts in one place all the information about the function and operation of IFCC. This includes the organization of IFCC and its aims and strategic objectives over the three year life of the Executive Board. Also, it includes details of IFCC programmes and projects. The Handbook lists, in logical order, IFCC Regional Organizations, Divisions, Committees and Working Groups. The Full Members, Corporate Members and Affiliate Members are also included. Contact names and addresses are included for the many people who work with and for IFCC. Finally the necessary Statutes and Rules of the IFCC are published in the Handbook.

Thanks to Dr Graham Beastall, IFCC Past President, for his work and guidance in the preparation of the present Handbook and for his accurate work of revision.

Click here access to the IFCC Handbook

Click here to access the IFCC Handbook webpages

Diagnóstico in Vitro - Junio 2018 2018-06-05T00:04:54Z /ifcc-news/2018-06-04-div-june-2018/ IFCC Office Auspiciado por la Federación Internacional de Química Clínica, "Diagnóstico in Vitro" es un nexo de unión entre los países Latinoamericanos, Portugal y España, que contribuye a difundir temas científicos a través de Internet, facilitando el conocimiento de publicaciones y temas de interés comunes a las ciencias del laboratorio clínico.


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Vale Norbert Tietz: a Giant in Clinical Chemistry 2018-05-29T12:02:53Z /ifcc-news/2018-05-28-professor-norbert-w-tietz/ IFCC Office

 Click on the image to read Dr Tietz profile  

2018 IFCC Membership survey 2018-05-25T13:54:20Z /ifcc-news/2018-05-23-ifcc-membership-survey/ IFCC Office The results of the survey will be analysed and published in the IFCC newsletter. The data will also be made available on the IFCC website and presented at IFCC regional conferences.

Please circulate this survey to your society members. Each individual society member should complete and submit the survey.


Deadline for submission is: 15 June 2018.

IFCC Annual Report 2017 2018-05-15T15:53:18Z /ifcc-news/2018-05-10-ifcc-annual-report-2017/ IFCC Office IFCC Annual Report 2017

The Annual Report 2017 includes the reports of the IFCC Officers, Regional Federations and IFCC Full and Affiliate Members.



Click on the image to download your copy

C-CLM Interactive Case Scenarios 2018-05-09T09:38:39Z /ifcc-news/2018-05-08-c-clm-second-interactive-case-scenario/ IFCC Office Please click the link http://www.ifcc.org/ifcc-education-division/emd-committees/c-clm/6-c-clm-clinical-laboratory-management-toolbox/ to go to the Clinical Laboratory Management Toolbox where you can find the  2nd case scenario. 

Prof. Aye Aye Khine Wamono will evaluate the answers and provide a feedback through the IFCC webpage. Please review the questions and submit your answers directly to Prof. Wamono at ayeaye.khine@smu.ac.za.

Deadline to send in your answers is 20th June, 2018

A good number of responses to our first case scenario were received: related answers are available under the relevant section of the C-CLM's Toolbox webpage. 


IFCC eNews No 4, May 2018 2018-06-04T16:25:48Z /ifcc-news/2018-05-03-ifcc-enews-no-4-may-2018/ IFCC Office  

IFCC eNews: May 2018     

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  • IFCC and AFCC sign a Memorandum of Understanding with ASLM aimed to strengthening and improving the quality of laboratory medicine in Africa
  • The new IFCC Committee on Clinical Applications of Cardiac Bio-Markers (CB) plans its activities for 2018
  • IFCC welcomes a new corporate member: Timedico AS
  • C-VPLM: changing the agenda from cost to value
  • DQCML visit to Malawi – a field report
  • ACBICON in Lucknow (IN) at the crossroads of innovation – a VLP Report
  • Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council: Question Bank
  • Harnessing M-Health to improve diabetes management
    • News from the Spanish Society of Laboratory Medicine
    • News from Pakistan (PSCP): Meeting Report – World Rare Diseases Day 2018
    • CHEMCON 2018: 9th Annual course of the Pakistan Society of Chemical Pathologists
    • 14th EFLM Symposium for Balkan Region
    • EFLM publications: what’s new
  • IFCC's Calendar of Congresses, Conferences & Events
eJIFCC Vol 29 n°1 2018-05-03T15:55:57Z /ifcc-news/2018-05-03-ejifcc-vol-29-n-1/ IFCC Office  

eJIFCC Volume 29 no 1 - April 2018

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Click here to download a PDF of the full issue.

1 Foreword from the new editor-in-chief
János Kappelmayer
2 Next-generation sequencing approach for the diagnosis of human diseases: open challenges and new opportunities
Chiara Di Resta, Silvia Galbiati, Paola Carrera, Maurizio Ferrari
3 Integration of multigene panels for the diagnosis of hereditary retinal disorders using Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatics approaches
Chiara Di Resta, Ivana Spiga, Silvia Presi, Stefania Merella, Giovanni Battista Pipitone, Maria Pia Manitto, Giuseppe Querques, Maurizio Battaglia Parodi, Maurizio Ferrari, Paola Carrera
4 Influence of serum leptin levels and Q223R leptin receptor polymorphism on clinical characteristic of patients with rheumatoid arthritis from Western Mexico
Luis I. Angel-Chávez, Elizabeth Ruelas-Cinco, Jorge Hernández-Bello, Elena Castro, Mirna Vázquez-Villamar, Isela Parra-Rojas, L. Michele Brennan-Bourdon, Salvador Muñoz-Barrios, Celia Guerrero-Velázquez, José Francisco Muñoz-Valle
5 Anemia and thrombocytopenia in the cohort of HIV-infected adults in northwest Ethiopia: a facility-based cross-sectional study
Tekalign Deressa, Debasu Damtie, Meseret Workineh, Meaza Genetu, Mulugeta Melku
6 Reference intervals for a complete blood count on an automated haematology analyser Sysmex XN in healthy adults from the southern metropolitan area of Barcelona
Ariadna Arbiol-Roca, Claudia Elizabeth Imperiali, Magdalena Macià Montserrat, Ana Sancho Cerro, Anna Cortés Bosch de Basea, Lourdes Sánchez Navarro, Dolors Dot-Bach, José Valero Politi
7 The IFCC Curriculum - phase 1
IFCC Committee for Distance Learning – Ronda F. Greaves, Janet M. Smith, Graham Beastall, Chris Florkowski, Loralie Langman, Joanna Sheldon, Elvar Theodorsson
8 Letter: Serum ferritin as a biomarker of polycythemia vera?
Stephen E. Langabeer
9 Book review: “Neonatology and Laboratory Medicine”
Joseph B. Lopez


JCTLM Newsletter for 2018 is now available 2018-04-19T12:54:23Z /ifcc-news/2018-04-19-publication-of-the-jctlm-newsletter-for-2018/ IFCC Office The JCTLM 2018 issue contains the following items:

  • A substantial increase in JCTLM membership
  • Report on the Members & Stakeholders meeting held in December 2017
  • New entries in the JCTLM database resulting from the 2017 review cycle
  • Highlights from the 2017 JCTLM Executive meetings
  • The activity of the Traceability, Education and Promotion WG
  • The announcement of the 2018 call for materials, methods and services nominations
  • Plans for 2018 JCTLM Meetings

The 2018 Newsletter can be accessed here