IFCC Feed 2017-11-22T15:36:05Z Insoft Feed Generator /ifcc-news/ IFCC TF-YS Symposium at ACBICON 2017 2017-11-14T13:35:27Z /ifcc-news/2017-11-14-ifcc-tf-ys-at-acbicon-2017/ IFCC Office IFCC TF-YS Symposium at 
 ACBICON - 4-6 Dec 2017, KGMC, Lucknow, India

 Leadership Skills: Essential for Career & Organisational Succes

Prof Maurizio Ferrari (President IFCC)
Dr Bernard Gouget (IFCC NC Chair)                         
Preparing for Leadership: new challenges and responsibilities   
Prof Howard Morris (President Elect, IFCC)
Developing Strong Presence for Women 
Prof Tomris Ozben (Treasurer, IFCC)
Critical Thinking: Building Good Judgement
Dr Praveen Sharma (Chief Editor IJCB & EB-ACBI, APFCB)
Leadership & Team Development: Success Toghether 
Dr. Pradeep K Dabla (Chair, IFCC TF-YS)


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ACBI-IFCC TFYS Awards 2017

The ACBI-IFCC TF-YS Awards were novel idea of joint efforts of ACBI & IFCC-TFYS. So, this 3rd Award competition is chosen to provide young researchers an opportunity to focus on and develop interest in « Research ». The ultimate aim of this program is to foster and secure excellent young researchers since ACBICON-2015.

5 Young Scientists (YS's) will be selected on to the basis of original papers submitted and be given oral presentation in award session.  They will be granted cash Rs.5000/- & Certificate as award with the kind support of Congress Organising Committee. 

For instructions to apply please visit the page at: http://www.acbicon2017.com/images/ACBI-IFCC%20TFYS%20Award%202017.pdf

VirtualLab 2017 2017-11-14T15:17:33Z /ifcc-news/2017-11-13-virtuallab-2017/ IFCC Office
VirtuaLAB 2017 is underway!
The Argentine Biochemistry Foundation (FBA) aims to offer a virtual meeting environment that will surpass its first edition. To satisfy attendees’ demands and expectations, FBA has conducted a simple survey through its website as an effective way to know their professional update requirements in order to plan a suitable scientific program for the congress.
 The results have shown an active participation of professionals from Argentina, Spain and more than 14 countries in Latin America. The interactive proposal has included a variety of 40 topics on which attendees have expressed their preferences.

Click here to join the new, online Second Virtual Congress

IFCC Calls for Nominations 2017-11-19T13:44:44Z /ifcc-news/2017-11-13-ifcc-calls-for-nominations/ IFCC Office For further information on the open Calls for Nominations, please visit the IFCC Call for Nominations page.

eAcademy Coordinator 2017-11-09T13:36:28Z /ifcc-news/2017-11-09-ifcc-is-seeking-an-eacademy-coordinator/ IFCC Office

Click here to download the eAcademy Coordinator position description

Closing of the IFCC WorldLab in Durban 2017-11-06T08:54:13Z /ifcc-news/2017-11-03-worldlab-in-durban-has-closed/ IFCC Office  

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Diagnóstico in vitro - Octubre 2017 2017-10-30T23:27:05Z /ifcc-news/2017-10-30-div-octubre-2017/ IFCC Office


Cover PDF.jpg Cover Flip.jpg

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eJIFCC Vol 28 n°3 2017-10-10T13:10:04Z /ifcc-news/2017-10-10-ejifcc-vol-28-n-3/ IFCC Office

eJIFCC Volume 28 no 3 - October 2017

eJIFCC New 2015 Thumb for web.jpg
Click here to download a PDF of the full issue.

1 Postprandial dyslipidemia: pathophysiology and cardiovascular disease risk assessment
Victoria Higgins, Khosrow Adeli
2 e-Learning: a model to support ongoing education
Ronda F. Greaves
3 About the “Compendium of Terminology and Nomenclature of Properties in Clinical Laboratory Sciences”
Georges Férard, René Dybkaer, Xavier Fuentes-Arderiu
4 Correlation of HbA1C levels with body mass index in newly diagnosed polycystic ovary syndrome
Manju Bala, Meenakshi, Menaka K., Anjali Gupta
5 Factors affecting quality of laboratory services in public and private health facilities
in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Eyob Abera Mesfin, Binyam Taye, Getachew Belay, Aytenew Ashenafi, Veronica Girma
6 Retrospective approach to evaluate interferences in immunoassay
Jayesh Warade
7 Case report: biliary pancreatitis with acute cholangitis in a patient  under anticoagulant treatment with dabigatran
Franziska Baumann-Durchschein, Thomas Gary, R.B. Raggam


IFCC eNews September-October 2017 2017-10-10T13:10:04Z /ifcc-news/2017-10-09-ifcc-enews-september-october-2017/ IFCC Office

IFCC eNews: Sept-Oct 2017

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IFCC Regional Representatives 2018-2020 Elected 2017-10-04T09:54:25Z /ifcc-news/2017-10-03-ifcc-regional-representatives-2018-2020-elected/ IFCC Office The result of the ballot required to confirm (or reject) the IFCC Regional Federations Representatives’ nominations, for the term 2018-2020, was concluded on September 30th.

Below please find the results of the voting per each Regional Federation: 



Adekunle Bashiru OKESINA


African Federation of Clinical Chemistry (AFCC)

Abderrazek HEDHILI

Arab Federation of Clinical Biology (AFCB)


Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (APFCB)


European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and

Laboratory Medicine


Latin-American Confederation of Clinical Biochemistry


North American Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine


The IFCC Executive Board 2018-2020, will be composed as follows:

PRESIDENT: Prof. Howard Morris (Australia)

PAST PRESIDENT: Prof. Maurizio Ferrari (Italy)

SECRETARY: Dr. David Kinniburgh (Canada)

TREASURER: Prof. Tomris Ozben (Turkey)


African Federation of Clinical Chemistry (AFCC)

Prof. Adekunle Bashiru Okesina (Nigeria) - received votes: 4 out of 7 eligible voters (57%)

Arab Federation of Clinical Biology (AFCB)

Prof. Abderrazek Hedhili (Tunisia) - received votes: 6 out of 10 eligible voters (60%)

Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (APFCB)

Dr. Sunil Sethi (Singapore) - received votes: 11 out of 16 eligible voters (69%)

European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

Prof. Sverre Sandberg (Norway) - 27 received votes out of 39 eligible voters (69%)

Latin-American Confederation of Clinical Biochemistry (COLABIOCLI)

Dr. Rosa Sierra-Amor (Mexico) – 11 received votes out 14 eligible voters (79%)

North American Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (NAFCC)

Dr. Ann Gronowski (USA)

CORPORATE Representative: Dr. Rolf Hinzmann (Roche Diagnostics)

The confirmation of the results will be officially presented at the Council on Sunday 22 October in Durban

On behalf of the Nomination Committee, we would like to thank the candidates who campaigned and took actively part in the IFCC electoral process as well as for their steadfast commitment to serving IFCC.

We congratulate warmly the newly elected IFCC Regional Federations Representatives.


WorldLab APP is ONLINE 2017-10-02T11:07:19Z /ifcc-news/2017-10-02-worldlab-app-is-online/ IFCC Office Android IOS ]]>