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Task Force on History (TF-H)


NamePositionCountryTermTime in Office
Mathias M. MüllerChairAU2nd2022 01 - 2024 12
Bernard GougetCo-ChairFR2nd2022 01 - 2024 12

The IFCC Executive Board appointed Prof. Mathias M. Müller and Dr Bernard Gouget, as co-chairs of the History TF, to prepare the next IFCC Milestones publication (2002- 2020), see below, and to write, after the 50th anniversary book (1952-2002),  the new Anniversary Book (2002-2022) to celebrate the 70th IFCC anniversary.

IFCC Milestones 2002- 2020

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the flipping booklet

L-R: Dr Gouget and Prof. Müller in the middle,
along with Silvia, Paola and Silva, IFCC office staff,
during their inaugural Meeting in Milan - July 2019



Prof. Mathias M. Müller
Austrian Society for Quality Assurance and Standardisation
Hörlgasse 18/5
1090 Wien - Austria


Dr Bernard Gouget
President-Healthcare Division Committee
Comité Français d’accréditation (CoFrAc)
75012 Paris - France

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