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IFCC Executive Board: 2018-2020 Biographies

Prof. Howard MORRIS, Past President 

Howard Morris

Chemical Pathology Directorate
SA Pathology 
Adelaide SA 5000 - Australia

Prof. Howard Morris (PhD, FAACB, FFSc(RCPA)) held a joint appointment as Professor of Medical Science at the Universityof South Australia and Clinical Scientist in Chemical Pathology at SA Pathology, Adelaide Australia. He had 30 years’ experience working in diagnostic clinical biochemistry in the field of immunoassay and endocrinology and this fuelled his research interest in the pathophysiology of metabolic bone disease and the effects of hormones, particularly vitamin D. His active research team had received over $AUD 10 million in competitive research grants and he had published >280 refereed publications, reviews and book chapters. He supervised 13 completed PhD students. Recently, he identified anabolic actions of vitamin D following metabolism within bone tissue providing a molecular mechanism for vitamin D requirement to reduce the risk of fractures among the elderly. Prof Morris’ work on vitamin D was recognised with the Louis Avioli Memorial Lectureship in 2009. He delivered 52 international scientific presentations during the past five years.

Within Australia Prof Morris was the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB) representative to the Councils of IFCC and APFCB (1998- 2004); served on the AACB council (1998-2002) and was Editor of the Clinical Biochemist Reviews (1994-2002). He was awarded the AACB Outstanding Service Medallion (2003) and the W. Roman Travelling Lectureship (2004). In 2015 he was recognised with the ANZBMS career achievement award. From 1994 to 2004 he served as Australasian Editor for the ACB’s journal, the Annals of Clinical Biochemistry, and made a significant contribution as Editor and advisor over that time.

Within the Asia Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB) Dr. Morris served as Chair, Scientific Committee (2002-2004) and Chair, Scientific Organising Committee, Member Organising Committee for 10th Asian Pacific Congress of Clinical Biochemistry (2002-2005).

Prior to his election as IFCC President Prof Morris had served as IFCC Vice President (2012-2014); Secretary of the Scientific Division (2003-2008); Chair of the IFCC-International Osteoporosis Foundation Joint WG on the Standardization of Bone Turnover Markers (2012-2017) and as a member of the IFCC Task Forces on the Global Campaign on Diabetes Mellitus (2003-2008) and on International Clinical Liaison (2009-2011).

Prof Morris was elected as IFCC President in 2016, served as President Elect during 2017, and became President for a three-year term of office on January 2018. Tragically his term was cut short by his sudden passing in April 2019 whilst visiting Kaszakstan as IFCC Travelling Lecturer.

His Presidency was marked by vision, energy and commitment to the ‘family’ of IFCC and to the wider world of laboratory medicine. He travelled extensively from his base in Adelaide, Australia to meet IFCC Members across the globe and to network with a wide spectrum of stakeholders in his efforts to unite and harmonise the world of laboratory medicine. His personal mission was to promote the value of laboratory medicine as a contributor to improved clinical outcomes and patient safety in modern healthcare.

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