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IFCC Townhall 2021

AFCB | AFCC | EFLM (15th Sept) - Corporate Members (21st Sept) - APFCB (20th October) - COLABIOCLI | NAFCC (8th November)

The IFCC announces its Annual Townhalls, starting this fall!

The IFCC Townhalls are a new initiative aimed to significantly enhance internal communications within the IFCC organization and between the IFCC Board and all IFCC member societies and Regional Federations.

The Townhalls aim to

  • Update the membership on current and upcoming IFCC programs and new initiatives globally or in specific regions
  • Provide a platform for an open communication forum between the IFCC board members and the board members of IFCC regional federations and national societies, as well as all laboratory professional and scientists in each region
  • Receive feedback from the membership on IFCC programs particularly the new initiatives planned to directly contribute to advancing excellence in laboratory medicine towards a better healthcare worldwide

They will be a three-hour Interactive Virtual LIVE event that will be held in different time zones around the world.

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November 8th, 2021

9 AM to 12 PM, Eastern Standard Time (New York)


The IFCC Executive Board would like to invite the Executive Board members and National Society Presidents of COLABIOCLI and NAFCC to join in. It will be a unique opportunity to bring everyone together in these regions and allow for exchange of ideas and free communication between various organizations.

COLABIOCLI and NAFCC  Regional Federations and National Societies in these Regions that are interested in participating in this open communication forum to significantly enhance communication within our laboratory medicine community will have the possibility to attend and ask question in the Discussion Forum via chat.

The link for Registering is:

Agenda: The Town Hall is scheduled for three (3) hours (9 AM to 12 PM, Eastern Standard Time (New York))

  • The Town Hall will begin with introductions and presentations from a briefing panel comprised of the IFCC President, Secretary, Treasurer and Regional Federations and National Society Presidents.
  • Following the briefing panel presentations, the moderator (IFCC Executive Board Secretary) will begin the discussion period with a brief introduction of the topics to be discussed and corresponding time limits.
  • The moderator will then invite participants to ask their questions and/or provide their comments.
  • At the end of the discussion period, the IFCC President will conclude the Town Hall and provide a link to a feedback survey.




Brief Introductions: IFCC Executive Board Members, Regional Federation Board Members, and National Society Presidents

Introduction to Town Hall, all IFCC EB Members, panel, and moderator

5 minutes

Presentations: IFCC President, Secretary, Treasurer, Corporate Representative

Introduction to IFCC and new IFCC initiatives

20 minutes

Presentations: Regional Federation Representative

Update on Federation activities

10 minutes

Discussion/Q&A: Coordinated by the Moderator

Q&A (organized by specific topics)

2 hours

Conclusion: IFCC President & Secretary

Conclusion to Town Hall, contact details, and feedback survey

5 minutes

Important Instructions for Townhall Participants

  1. All participants will be able to view the panelists and ask questions via the Chat box.
  2. Participants should reserve their questions and comments for the discussion period.
  3. Participants should ensure their questions and comments adhere to the topic outlined by the moderator.
  4. Participants should be respectful of the timeframe for each topic and save outstanding questions for later communication by email or feedback survey.
  5. Instructions for participants:


  • Click on above link and register.
  • On 8th November, you will only need to sign in and you will be prompted to the Townhall page where the meeting will start automatically at the right time.
  • You will see the speakers and see the presentations.


You will be able to ask questions to the presenters via the Q&A form that will be visible at the bottom of the same page.

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