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IFCC Townhall 2021 Corporate Members 21 September 2021


September 21st, 2021
09.00 am-12:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone – New York)



The recording of the IFCC Townhall for Corporate Members

is available here 



The IFCC Executive Board invited all IFCC Corporate Members to join in into the IFCC Townhall for Corporate Members. It was a unique opportunity to hear directly from the IFCC leadership on those areas of most interest to all of our member companies. The EB answered questions, discussed topics, burning issues, how the IFCC could enhance the collaboration with its corporate members, etc… It was a great opportunity to bring everyone together and allow for exchange of ideas and free communication between the Executive Board and Corporate Membership.


  • The Town Hall began with introductions and presentations from a briefing panel comprised of the IFCC President, Treasurer, and Corporate Representative to the Executive Board and all attendees on video.
  • Following the briefing panel presentations, the moderator (Mr Passarelli, Corporate Representative to the IFCC Executive Board) began the discussion period with a brief introduction of the topics to be discussed and corresponding time limits.
  • The moderator then invited participants to ask their questions and/or provide their comments.
  • At the end of the discussion period, the IFCC President concluded the Town Hall. A feedback survey will be sent to participants.




Brief Introductions: IFCC Executive Board Members and all Corporate Representatives

Introduction to Town Hall, panel, and moderator

5 minutes

Presentations: IFCC President, Secretary, Treasurer

Introduction to IFCC and new IFCC initiatives

30 minutes (total)

Presentation: Corporate Representative to Executive Board


Update on activities


20 minutes

Discussion/Q&A: Coordinated by the Moderator

Q&A (organized by specific topics)

120 minutes

Conclusion: IFCC President

Conclusion to Town Hall, contact details, and feedback survey (link to be provided at a later stage)

5 minutes





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