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African Federation of Clinical Chemistry (AFCC)


The African Federation of Clinical Chemistry ( is an organization of Clinical Chemistry Societies in the African continent, and a regional society of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC). At present, the membership comprises of the following fifteen countries:

  • Botswana (no official Society)
  • Egypt (Egyptian Society of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Laboratory Sciences - ESCC)
  • Ethiopia (Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association -EMLA)
  • Ghana (no official Society)
  • Kenya (Kenyan Association of Clinical Chemistry)
  • Malawi (Malawi Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists - MAMLS)
  • Morocco (Société Marocaine de Chimie Clinique - SMCC)
  • Nigeria (Association of Clinical Chemists of Nigeria)
  • Rwanda (Rwanda Society of Pathologists)
  • South Africa (South African Association of Clinical Biochemistry)
  • Sudan (Sudanese Association of Clinical Biology)
  • Tunisia (Société Tunisienne de Biologie Clinique)
  • Uganda (Uganda Association of Biomedical Scientists)
  • Zambia (Biomedical Society of Zambia-BSZ)
  • Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe Association of Clinical Biochemists (ZACB)

Eleven of these countries are Full Member Societies of the IFCC.

The inaugural congress of the AFCC took place in October 2009 in Ibadan, Nigeria and the second congress was in Nairobi, Kenya 2011. The third congress was held in Cape Town, South Africa in 2013. The fourth congress took place in Harare, Zimbabwe 28-30 April 2015. The fifth congress coincides with the IFCC WordLab congress in October 22 to 25 The current Board members serving for the term 2018 - 2020 are: President: Prof RT Erasmus (South Africa), Immediate Past-President: Prof AB Okesina (Nigeria), President-Elect: Dr M Charles Davies (Nigeria), Secretary: H. Lumano (Zambia), Treasurer: Dr J.A.A. Onakoya (Nigeria), Members-at-large: Mr GT Akalu (Ethiopia) and Dr Chabraoui (Morocco). 
The aim of the AFCC is to promote and improve the quality of provision of health care services to communities it serves. This is on going through improving the development and practice of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine through education and excellent scientific exchanges in Africa. To date, academic exchanges between Nigeria and South Africa have been taking place. Major impact that AFCC has enjoyed in recent times is Young Scientist Program of IFCC, which has been a platform to support many young Africans to attend conferences in various part of the world. Recently we have been having communication with Egypt with a few for further collaboration. Areas of major concern in Clinical Chemistry have been identified and to this end quality management courses have been organized. The clinical case study program provided by the AACC has continued to be distributed to all AFCC member countries where it is being incorporated in the training of residents. Another important support from IFCC is the donation of substantial amount of money to AFCC to start internet radio program and this is located in Zimbabwe.


AFCC President:

Prof. Rajiv Timothy ERASMUS
Dept of Chemical Pathology
PO Box 19113
Tygerberg, 7505, South Africa

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