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eJIFCC - Vol 12 n° 2

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eJIFCC Volume 12 no 2 - 2000

1Standardization of coagulation and fibrinolysis methods,
Jørgen Jespersen
2Standardization of measurement of components of the fibrinolytic system - Introduction and current status
Jørgen Gram, Cornelis Kluft, Jørgen Jespersen
3PGM Guidelines for description of criteria and methods for testing of specificity of assay methods for quantities in the fibrinolytic system
Jørgen Gram, Cornelis Kluft, Trevor Barrowcliffe, Paul Declerck, Charles W. Francis, Patrick Gaffney, Jørgen Jespersen
4Criteria and search for specific assays for active plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (PAI-1) in plasma
Cornelis Kluft
5Monitoring influence of surgical stress on formation of hydroxyl radicals in tumor bearing rats by measuring salicylic acid metabolites
Suzana Borovic, Andreas Meinitzer, Iva Loncaric, Senka Sabolovic, Renate Wildburger, Manfred Tillian, Pero Martinac, Igor Stipancic, Neven Zarkovic
6IFCC Professional Scientific Exchange Programme (PSEP) Report: Plasma protein separation techniques
Ishmael Kasvosve
7IFCC Professional Scientific Exchange Programme (PSEP) Report: Study of the pro-oxidant and antioxidant properties of glutathione on proteins and lipids oxidative damage - The relevance to atherogenesis
8IFCC News
Andreas M. Rothstein

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