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eJIFCC - Vol 14 n° 2

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eJIFCC Volume 14 no 2 - 2003

Editorial - Vol 14 No 2
Elizabeta Topić
1Pathophysiology and classification of cardiovascular diseases caused by atherosclerosis
Željko Reiner
2Atherothrombosis - Pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease
Mojca Stegnar
3Role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of acute coronary syndromes
Luigi M. Biasucci
4Genetics of cardiovascular disease
Ana Stavljenic-Rukavina
5The role of lipids in the development of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease - Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment
Victor Blaton
6Evaluation of risk markers for acute myocardial infarction and heart failure - Present and the future
Kari Pulkki
7Hypertension and coronary heart disease
Mirjana Cubrilo-Turek
8Diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease
Izet Aganovic
9The role of pharmacogenetics in the management of cardiovascular disease
Elizabeta Topić
10Natriuretic peptides in the assessment of ventricular dysfunction
Maksimiljan Gorenjak
11Treatment of lipid disorders in cardiovascular patients
David L. Williams
12Rational diagnosis of cardiovascular disease
Mathias M. Müller, Andrea Griesmacher
13Recommendations on use of biochemical markers in acute coronary syndrome - IFCC proposals
Mauro Panteghini
14Strategy of prevention of cardiovascular disease
Gábor L. Kovács, Judit Skrapits, Lajos Nagy

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