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eJIFCC - Vol 18 n° 4

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eJIFCC Volume 18 no 4 - 2007

1Editorial - Vol 18 N° 4
Grazyna Sypniewska
2Assessment of plasma S-nitrosothiol concentration by Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometry and Plasma nitrotyrosine levels by ELISA in Behçet’s disease
Y.D. Akcay, I.A. Knight, E.L. Taylor, K. Aksu, P. G. Winyard
3Short term hyperthermia prevents activation of proinflammatory genes in type B synoviocytes by blocking the activation of the transcription factor NF-ƙB
Marica Markovic
4Expanding and improving the service for testing single embryonic cells by preimplantation genetic haplotyping
Sara Ocaña López, Pamela Renwick

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