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eJIFCC - Vol 24 n° 3

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eJIFCC Volume 24 no 3 - 2013

In this issue: The Role of Clinical Laboratories in Personalized Healthcare
1Foreword of the editor
Gábor L. Kovács
2Editorial: The role of clinical laboratories in personalized healthcare
Guest Editor: Bruce W.M. Jordan
3NT-proBNP: A guide to improve the management of patients with heart failure
Roberto Latini, Serge Masson
4Pharmacogenomics and theranostics in practice
Gérard Siest, Edith Schallmeiner
5Platelet function testing - Guided antiplatelet therapy
Ekaterina Lenk, Michael Spannagl
6Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease: Emergence of the solution to an important unmet need
Charlotte Teunissen, E.A.J. Willemse
7Clinical application of pharmacogenetics: Where are we now?
Ron H.N. van Schaik
8The advance of personalized and stratified therapies in bronchial asthma: phenotypes - endotypes – biomarkers
Sebastian Lauer, Harald Renz
9Letter to the editor: Between-subject variation of the within-subject biological variation
Xavier Fuentes‐Arderiu
10Iron indices in patients with functional anemia in chronic kidney disease
G. Chinnapu Reddy, Ramakrishna Devaki, Pragna Rao
11The Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council (CCTC)

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