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eJIFCC - Vol 28 No 1

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eJIFCC Volume 28 no 1 - February 2017

In this issue: Recent Advances in Pediatric Laboratory Medicine

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1Foreword of the editor
Gábor L. Kovács
2Recent advances in pediatric laboratory medicine
Guest Editor: Edgard Delvin
3Pediatric obesity and cardiometabolic disorders: risk factors and biomarkers
E. Levy, A.K. Saenger, M.W. Steffes, E. Delvin
4Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome: pathophysiology and laboratory assessment
Victoria Higgins, Khosrow Adeli
5Pediatric reference intervals for biochemical markers: gaps and challenges,
recent national initiatives and future perspectives
H. Tahmasebi, V. Higgins, A. Fung, D. Truong, N. White-Al Habeeb, K. Adeli
6The utility of CSF for the diagnosis of primary and secondary monoamine
neurotransmitter deficiencies
A.B. Burlina, A. Celato, G. Polo, C. Edini, A.P. Burlina
7Pediatric reference intervals for transferrin saturation in the CALIPER cohort
of healthy children and adolescents
Victoria Higgins, Man Khun Chan, Khosrow Adeli
8Congenital hyperinsulinism caused by a de novo mutation in the ABCC8 gene – a case report
Z. Molnár, L. Balogh, J. Kappelmayer, L. Madar, É. Gombos, I. Balogh
9Letter to the editor – Hemochromatosis, erythrocytosis and the JAK2 p.V617F mutation
Stephen E. Langabeer

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