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IFCC-Task Force for Young Scientists


Contributed by Pradeep Kumar Dabla, IFCC-TF YS Member & National Representative

Gwalior, MP, India 3rd December 2011. As a part of efforts of IFCC-Task Force Young Scientists (IFCC-TF YS) to promote networking between young scientists, to involve them in activities of laboratory medicine, and to promote the future of laboratory medicine, the IFCC-TF YS in collaboration with the Association of Clinical Biochemists of India (ACBI) held an Educational Workshop on 3rd Dec 2011.  The programme was well attended by more than 100 candidates from various streams all over India. The event was hosted by the ACBI Conference (ACBICON) 2011 Organising Committee under supervision of Dr. Neelima Singh (Organising Secretary), and held at the ITM University, Gwalior, MP, India.

IFCC has identified the need for young scientists to participate in Task Force activities and to understand the latest practices in laboratory healthcare sector. Therefore, various Educational workshops have been organized during IFCC and Member Societies Congresses under the roof of IFCC-TF YS. The concept of these activities is to encourage interactions between young scientists to face challenges, and to brighten the future prospects of self and laboratory medicine.

In keeping with these objectives, the Task Force organised Educational Workshop themed "Think The Unthinkable". For the first time, this workshop, second in continuation of the one-day workshop organized during the 37th Conference of the Association of Clinical Biochemists of India in December 2010, brought the laboratory medicine and Industry together, stressing on Various Job Opportunities present in Industry and other sectors related to Laboratory Medicine. This was an important step since it seeked to share experiences, scope and a common platform for both the laboratory personnel and the industry which will lead to well-thought solutions to bridge the gap.

The workshop was organised with close co-operation with IFCC and ACBI. Addressing the conclave, Mr. J. Lopez (EB-IFCC & Past-President APFCB) praised the Task Force initiative and stressed upon the need to share experiences and challenges around the world. He explained the need of live sessions to demonstrate the laboratory management to build the future leadership. Then, Dr. Sucheta Dandekar (President ACBI) addressed and summarised the ACBI initiatives for the young biochemists. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dabla, Convener and National Representative IFCC-TF YS discussed the Task Force objectives and commitment of focused trainings to strengthen the future prospects of young laboratorians in absence of Damien Gruson, Chair IFCC-TF YS. The all senior members and EB-ACBI were present to support the cause.

Dr. Dabla stressed that "With a robust general economy and with extraordinary advances being made in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, excellent positions are available in a wide variety of fields for current and future college graduates". While discussing various fields he emphasized on making a decision about what type of career and exactly what field will be best for you and the importance of dual proficiency of management training. Dr. Elizabeth Frank (Chair of the Clinical Lab Management Committee of the IFCC & elected Secretary APFCB) explained the work strategies related to jobs vs careers. Then she discussed about Entrepreneurship and how to start and managing your own business. Dr. Gurumukh Advani (Sales President Transasia) gave the view on how India is emerging as leading player in business and economy. He pointed out that "Healthcare delivery is growing as a largest service sector with excellent 15% growth per annum in India" and explained the role of biochemists in lab industry. In this blend of excellent professionals, Mr Shankar Haveri, (Head Healthcare Learning Academy, Siemens Healthcare) discussed the learning academy programmes and opportunities in various less known areas of IVD Industry.  In row, Dr. Rajesh Bendre (Consultant Pathologist & HOD Immunochemistry, Metropolis Healthcare) explained the concept of Clinical Reference laboratories, the role of laboratory professionals and the job profiles and career opportunities. He emphasized on the need of multitasking behaviour and flexibility. Dr Dabla, ended by giving Dr. Gruson's view about the young scientists and laboratory medicine.

To summarize, the workshop has provided tangible results for the young laboratory professionals to select the right path after completing their studies. It has provided the vision about the various techniques and essentials to reach the right destination.

Photo 12 Awardee And J Lopez

(Left) Dr Pradeep Kumar Dabla, Head of the Department of Biochemistry,
Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalya Pediatric Super-specialty Hospital, New Delhi
receiving a momento from Mr Joseph Lopez, IFCC Executive Board Member, representing the President Dr. Graham Beastall.

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