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eNewsletter 2006 January - February


IFCC Auspices for conferences and congresses

Contributed by Albert D. Fraser,Chair, IFCC Congress and Conference Division



The Congress and Conference Division (CCD) of the IFCC has the mandate to coordinate all congress and conference activities for the federation.  Promotion of upcoming scientific meetings and congresses is a valuable service offered to IFCC member societies by the IFCC office.


An excellent way to help promote national society meetings is via the IFCC auspices programme.  CCD is responsible for reviewing applications from national society member meetings and other scientific meetings applying for IFCC auspices for their conference and congresses.  Granting of IFCC auspices is very straightforward and is based primarily on the scientific content of meetings that are open to all scientists.  The IFCC Auspices application (pdf file) is available on the web site: auspices1. pdf.    IFCC auspices can be applied for by completion of a one-page form.  The auspices application form is also available from the IFCC office as a Word file if you prefer to complete the application electronically. 


Two major benefits of obtaining IFCC auspices is that your meeting announcement is sent out electronically to a very large IFCC distribution list at no cost to you and your meeting is also granted permission to use the IFCC logo in your promotional material.


It is important to remember, however, that IFCC auspices must be applied for each individual meeting or conference.  Secondly, having IFCC participation in your meeting (such as a visiting lecturer, etc.) does not automatically grant IFCC auspices. National societies must remember that IFCC auspices are a completely separate process from other IFCC involvement in your meetings.  Secondly, optimal benefit comes to your meeting if you apply for IFCC auspices 6 - 12 months prior to your congress. 


If you have any questions on granting of IFCC auspices or on the polices on this matter, please look at the IFCC web site or contact me as Chair of the Congress and Conference Division of the IFCC.

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