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eNewsletter 2006 January - February


Light-hearted clinical chemistry

Confused data bases

Information about the effect of drugs on laboratory test results is stored in databanks, such as the Swedish DECC comes from many sources and the output is often contradictory. Steps need to be taken to remedy this problem or unexpected consequences could result, similar to the event illustrated below.

The military headquarters for South Sweden is situated in my hometown of Kristianstad. On one occasion military staff sent out mobilising orders to about 3000 Swedes in the region, using names & addresses in their faultless database, as they thought. Somehow, the computer also decided to print envelopes to people registered as dead.

Thirteen people turned up on the day!

Recollected by Nils Tryding, IFCC Expert Panel on Drug Interaction 19xx - 1988.

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