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Bclf strategic plan


Contributed by Pr Nada Majkic-Singh, President BCLF

Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation (BCLF) as regional organization include all Balkan countries. i.e. Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey and Greece, that are FESCC and IFCC members, too. As regional organization BCLF gather all clinical chemists from Balkan region with aim to improve clinical laboratory practice in each Balkan country, as a result of new medical discovery, new technologies, and changes in the organization and in process of laboratory support of clinical activities. To achive this aim BCLF will work on the basis of the strategic plan as follows:

  • To promote Member activities
  • To develop and maintain BCLF communications between countries inside the region and outside towards FESCC and IFFC
  • The aim is to develop own BCLF Journal or use for publication activities some well established national Journal
  • To promote BCLF through national, regional and international congresses
  • To organizing teaching courses and joint seminars by IFCC, FESCC, WHO and other institutions
  • To encourage professional development of individuals and regional working groups in National Societies for improvement and maintain the activities in standardization and research activities oriented towards the patient and towards the health of individual
  • To established collaboration, joint meeting and projects inside of Balkan countries and outside with international organization having interest in the clinical laboratory
  • On the basis of the conclusions gained on FESCC Symposium for Balkan Region (Belgrade, June 2005) the Societies from Balkan countries will work on the improvement of the education and training programmes in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine, organization, quality management and accreditation (ISO, CEN standards), external quality assessment programs, laboratory information system
  • To establish the reference laboratories, and laboratories for specialized investigations (DNA methods, trace elements, tumor markers, etc. ) in the Balkan countries
  • The interest of BCLF member countries are investigations of the specific geographic pathology of the Balkan region (hereditary nervous, neuromuscular, hematological and other diseases, endemic Balkan nephropathy, arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, etc, as the most frequent diseases in region for the improvement of patient care through laboratory medicine
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