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IFCC eNews March -April 2006


Contributed by Bernard Gouget, SFBC-FESCC advisory board

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During the last meeting of the federation organized by Pr Anyla Bulolast september in the wonderful city of Tirana, Albania, Pr Nada Majkic-Singh was elected as President of the BCLF. Nada Majkik-Singh is Professor of Medical Biochemistry and Clinical Enzymology at the University of Belgrade, and Director of the Institute of Medical Biochemistry at the Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade. She graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Belgrade in 1969, gaining the degrees of MS in Medical Biochemistry in 1972 and Dr Sc (PhD) in 1974. Also, she was trained in Department of Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. She began her professional career in the Pharmaceutical Faculty as an Associate in Medical Biochemistry from 1971-78 and in 1978-84 took up the appointment of Associate Professor. Since 1984, she has been a Professor in Medical Biochemistry, Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Enzimology and from 1984-95 was the Chair of Department of Medical Biochemistry at School of Pharmacy. During this period she established a new five year education program of clinical chemistry in Yugoslavia. In 1986 she was also appointed for Director of Clinical Chemistry Laboratory in Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade, where she developed this Laboratory in Institute of Medical Biochemistry as national referential institution responsible for laboratory medicine service in whole country. In this Institution she established regular quality control scheme for all laboratories in Yugoslavia.

Professor Makic-Singh is a member of the Society of Medical Biochemists of Serbia and Montenegro since 1969, where she was Chair of Committees for Education and Standardization, members of Executive Board, President of the Society. She is a member of Executive Board of Balkan Federation of Clinical Laboratory, member of the International Society of Clinical Enzimology, the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Canadian Society of Clinical Chemistry, and the Association of Clinical Biochemists (UK). At the IFCC, she is the IFCC National Representative of Society. She is member of Serbian Scientific Society. She was President of Organizing and Scientific Committees of the National Congress of Medical Biochemists of Yugoslavia, and the chairmen of the IVth and 11th Meeting of the Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation (1996; 2003) that gathered internationally recognized scientists. She was members of the Scientific Committees and chairs of sessions of European Congress of Clinical Chemistry held in Nice (1993) and Basel (1997), and also regularly she is member of International Advisory Board of FESCC and IFCC Congresses.

Professor Majkic-Singh's major research interests are related to methodology in clinical enzymology, proteins, genetic polymorphism, lipids and lipoproteins, drug interferences in analytical methods, and evaluation of instruments and method in clinical chemistry. She has published over three hundred scientific papers, and she wrote fifteen books of medical biochemistry and clinical enzymology. She is the co-author of book titled ''Development of Medical Biochemistry in Yugoslavia'' published 1998). She is Editor-in-Chief of Yugoslav Medical Biochemistry, the official Journal of the Society of Medical Biochemists of Serbia and Montenegro, and member of the Advisory Board of the Journal "Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine". She established the Annual Scientific Conference �Professor Ivan Berke��

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