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Letter to the editor two strategic tools


In the previous issue of the IFCC news, two strategic tools have been mentioned by the new IFCC president, Jocelyn M. Hicks, and I would like to rebound on these two ideas.

First, Jocelyn Hicks wrote that "some developing, and some developed nations have no accreditation program". This is completely true in large number of countries in the world, and these countries need some help to implement such accreditations programs and need guidelines to realize this difficult laboratory mission. When I was in Lebanon in December, I encountered the same demand and the same need of assistance from the Lebanon laboratories staff members. So, considering the large number of accreditation experts member of IFCC, IFCC have an important role to play in 2006 in accreditation guidance for countries who need it and in the establishment of simple accreditation guidelines for a faster development of accreditation process in all involved countries. IFCC have to follow its important accreditation mission.

The second strategic tool is communication. As mentioned by Jocelyn Hicks, several natural disorders have occurred in 2005 and have caused too many deaths. 2006 is also marked by calamities and dangerous viruses are in the place (the worldwide H5N1 avian flue and the Chikungunya virus in the R�union Island). Appropriate communication systems could reduce the number of deaths from such disasters. Communication is a key point in our current civil society (and we saw the importance of the reactions induced by the Denmark Islamic cartoons) and also in each scientific society. I still wishing and wondering a better everyday communication in every sort of society. IFCC podcasts introduction is a great solution to improve communication and probably web-forum of discussion is another easy solution for every country and lab members.

The important congress coming in April in Paraguay will be a first opportunity to discuss about these two strategic tools and the important missions of accreditation and communication of IFCC.

D. Gruson
Brussels, Belgium

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