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2nd IFCC-OCD Conference on Pregnancy Related Disorders

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2nd IFCC Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) Conference

Disease and the Clinical Laboratory Pregnancy Related Disorders:

Present Perspectives and Emerging Challenges

Paris, 25-26 February 2011

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25 FEBRUARY 2011

Prof. René Frydman, FR

SESSION 1 -Chair: Jocelyn Hicks, US

Prenatal screening for chromosomal anomalies and neonatal screening for metabolic diseases:

recent advances and guidelines

Jacob A. Canick, US

  • Screening for metabolic diseases in the neonate: an update

Gerard Loeber, NL

David Elliman, UK

SESSION 2 -Jean-Claude Forest, CA

Pre-eclampsia and related disorders: established markers or just perspectives?

Jean-Claude Forest, CA

Guillaume Macè, FR

Kevin Spencer, UK

SESSION 3 -Bernard Gouget, FR

Prediction of preterm birth: what are the biomarkers?

François Goffinet, FR

26 FEBRUARY 2011

SESSION 4 -Philippe Gillery, FR

Novel biomarkers: innovation and perspectives

Rachel Levy, Isabelle Cédrin-Durneris, FR

Ian Young, UK

Yves Giguère, CA

  • Fetal nucleic acids in maternal blood: the promises

Dennis Lo, HK

Jenny Myers, UK

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