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C-CLM Membership

C-CLM Membership-General Information

To assist C-CLM with accomplishing its mandate, two levels of membership (full members and corresponding members) are involved and incumbents are appointed following review and endorsement by IFCC Executive Committee of the Education and Management Division.

The pool of candidates for both membership groups is produced through a formal application process. Both full members and corresponding members are nominated by National Society members of IFCC, usually via a letter of support. This letter of support must be accompanied by a C-CLM application form completed by the candidate. As the main purpose of C-CLM is to promote good leadership and management skills among clinical laboratory professionals, the committee seeks members who are experienced mentors, who are knowledgeable, and have a keen interest in sharing their expertise in this area.

Individuals, wishing to become a member or corresponding member of C-CLM should begin by expressing this interest to their National Society. The complete application process consists of the National Society letter of nomination, an updated curriculum vitae and the complete application form which provides information on the applicant’s interest in Clinical Laboratory Management, relevant past experience and level of commitment to C-CLM work. Applications are reviewed and officially endorsed by the Executive Committee of the Education and Management Division (EC-EMD) of IFCC, and the EMD chair officially inform successful candidates.

C-CLM Full Members

These positions require a broad knowledge of relevant disciplinary areas of the Clinical Laboratory and knowledge of quality management requirements. Experience working as a team leader, strong administrative skills and know-how (projects, people, budgeting) and organizing ability are needed. Appointees are expected to function effectively within the committee. Skills in multidisciplinary research, project management, mastery in writing for scientific publication, and use of quality management tools, and statistical methods are highly desirable.

Eligibility as a full member are those who show a strong commitment to tasks, are disciplined, and stick to timelines. Positions are open to mentors, team players, who are cooperative and collaborative, responsible, accountable, experienced in clinical laboratory management, teaching, and have good written and speaking skills in English.

Full members are held accountable to contribute the equivalent of 8 to 10 hours per week toward activities of the committee and including physical attendance at meetings. Full members commit to 3-year terms of office. The list and contact information for current C-CLM full members are below:

Committee Chair

Prof. Praveen Sharma
Head, Department of Biochemistry,
Dean ( Research),
Controller of Examinations,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, 
Jodhpur-342005 - India

Other Committee Members

Dr Prasenjit Mitra
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, 160012, INDIA

Dr. Raja Elina
President, Malaysian Association of Clinical Biochemists (MACB)
17-07 Menara Arina Uniti,
No 97 Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz,
50300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dr. Merve Sibel Güngören
Head of Immunoassay Department
Consultant, Directory of Total Quality Management
Düzen Laboratories Group,

Dr. Mahesheema Ali
Section Head Clinical Chemistry & Toxicology, POCT
Medical Director, Rapid Response Labs
Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Dept. of Pathology
2500 MetroHealth Drive,Cleveland, OH 44106, US

C-CLM Corresponding Members

Corresponding members come from member organizations of IFCC and are limited to one corresponding member per IFCC member state serving on C-CLM. Candidates with active interest in focus areas of the C-CLM and with previous experience in one or more of the focus areas within their own countries and organizations are encouraged to pursue membership in C-CLM. The expected commitment to C-CLM activities is the equivalent of 2 to 3 working days or between 16 to 24 hours per month. Corresponding members have no limits on the term of commitment to the committee. The normal route to corresponding membership with C-CLM is through the local national professional organization(s).

Corresponding members are active at all meetings and activities of the Committee and deliver measurable outcomes in accordance with the agreed terms of reference of the Committee. IFCC does not reimburse travel expenses for Corresponding Members, therefore, are responsible for their own expenses when attending meetings.

The list of current Corresponding Members are below:



Full Member Society


Ana Bronic

Croatian Society of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine


Rania Mohamed ElSharkawy

Egyptian Association of Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety


Belay Tessema

Ethiopian Medical Laboratory Association


Laboratory Medicine Association of Georgia


Robert Lange

German Society of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine


Malavika L.

Association of Clinical Biochemists of India


Jasbinder Kaur

Association of Medical Biochemists of India


Behzad Poopak

Iranian Association of Clinical Laboratory Doctors


Marielle Kaplan

Israel Society for Clinical Laboratory Science


Valentino Granero

Italian Society of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology (SIBioC)


Satoshi Kimura

Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry


Ahmed Abdel Karim Abu Siniyeh

Society for Medical Technology & Laboratories


Dalius Vitkus

Lithuanian Society of Laboratory Medicine


Juan Manuel Vargas Morales

Mexican Association of Clinical Laboratory Sciences


Mohammed Touimi-Benjelloun

Moroccan Society of Clinical Chemistry


Dr. Binod Kumar Yadav

Nepal Association for Medical Laboratory Sciences


Sanjaya Kumar Shah

Nepalese Association for Clinical Chemistry


Oyetunji Soriyan

Association of Clinical Chemists Nigeria (ACCN)


Rizwan Hashim Hashim

Pakistan Society of Chemical Pathologists


Juana Ortellado de Canese

Association de Bioquimicos del Paraguay


Ronaldo Puno

The Philippines Association of Medical Technologists

Slovak Rep.

Anna Stecová

Slovak Society of Clinical Biochemistry


Francisco Javier Mérida de la Torre

Sociedad Española de Medicina de Laboratorio (SEQCML)

Sri Lanka

Rohan Sugathadasa

Association for Clinical Biochemistry, Sri Lanka


Olena Beregova

Ukrainian Society of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic


Carlos Lacava

Asociación Bioquímica Uruguaya


Mahesheema Ali

American Association for Clinical Chemistry

C-CLM Collaborators

Former members of C-CLM or members of other IFCC committees, working groups (WG), or taskforces (TF) are invited to collaborate on projects of the committee, at the request of the chairperson of C-CLM. Such invited collaborations are based on expertise in the specific area of the project.

Below is a list of C-CLM collaborators:




Project Description

Project Title

Date and Venue

Pradeep K. Dabla

Task Force of Young ScientistsJoint Educational WorkshopBuilding Tomorrow's Leaders by the Young GenerationNovember 17, 2019,  15th APFCB Congress, Jaipur, India

Egon Amann

Committee of Analytical Quality (C-AQ)

Joint Interactive Workshop

What is the best strategy to achieve compliance with QMS- and QC-requirements in the clinical laboratory?

March 20th, 2016, IFCC General Conference, Madrid, Spain

Further information

For further information on how you can become involved in C-CLM activities please contact the committee chairperson:

Prof. Praveen Sharma
Head, Department of Biochemistry,
Dean ( Research),
Controller of Examinations,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, 
Jodhpur-342005 - India

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