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Quality Specifications for Glucose POCT (WG-GPOCT)


Membership (Closed in 2013)

NamePositionCountryTermTime in Office
R. TirimaccoChairAU1st2010 01 - 2012 12
R. ErasmusMemberZA
B.  GoldsmithMemberUS
G. KoumantakisMemberAU
A. MoscaMemberIT
S. SandbergMemberSE
I. WatsonMemberUK

Terms of Reference

To investigate the quality specifications required for glucose PoCT meters as glucose testing is used in a wide range of health care settings including:

  • Hospitals - Adult: A&E, medical wards, intensive care - Paediatric: A&E, medical ward, intensive care
  • General practice/physicians office
  • Specialists
  • Ambulances
  • Air Ambulances
  • Patients/Carers - self monitoring
  • Nursing Homes
  • Population surveys - screening


  • To develop allowable analytical error (including bias and imprecision) recommendations for different clinical situations.
  • To develop recommendations about suitability of instruments for different clinical situations.
  • To define training standards for both health workers and patients.
  • To develop clinician derived quality specifications for critically ill patients.
  • To develop clinician derived quality specifications for general practice.
  • To develop clinician derived quality specifications for ambulances/Air Ambulances/Emergency Departments.
  • To establish epidemiologists derived quality specifications for population surveys.
  • To develop patient derived quality specifications for self/testing.
  • To develop paediatric derived quality specifications for paediatric patients.



Summary of outcomes of WG


List of Corresponding Members, nominated by National Societies

NameFull Member Society
Mark ShepardAustralasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB)
Ethienne CavalierSociété Belge de Chimie Clinique (SBCC)
Joëlle GoudableSociété Française de Biologie Clinique (SFBC)
Tjan Sian HwaIndonesian Association for Clinical Chemistry (HKKI)
Emanuel ArtemRussian Scientifically-Practical Society of Specialists in Laboratory Medicine (RSPSSLM)
Vladimir ProcenkoUkrainian Society of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics (USCLD)



Working Group Chair's contact

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Tel: +61-(0)8-8201 7842
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