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IFCC VLP in La Habana (Cuba)

Summary Report of the VLP Visit to Cuba of
Carl Burtis and Robert Rej
March 2016

By Manuel Morejón, MSc.
CSCP National Representative

5 C . La Junta Directiva De La SCPC Con Bob Y Carl

SCPC Executive Board with Dr Rej and Dr Burtis, IFCC VLP lecturers

The Cuban Society of Clinical Pathology applied for the VLP asking for support to have Dr Carl Burtis and Dr Robert Rej participating in 9th National Meeting. A program was prepared with the following objectives:

- Lecture on updated topics of interest for the national lab community of professionals.

- Visit a Hospital Clinical Lab.

As general information there were 300 national and 64 foreign attendants from 9 different countries. The main topic of the Meeting was the International Symposium on Quality Laboratory. There was also an EXPOLAB with 10 foreign companies promoting their products.

This was the first occasion when US clinical laboratory scientists were officially allowed to attend a National Meeting of Clinical Pathology in Cuba and it came true after the re‐establishment of the diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US. The Meeting was honoured with the presence and active participation of CB and RR.

A digital radio report from Radio Habana Cuba, a National Broadcaster, is available clicking here.
A digital radio report from Tiempo21, digital edition of Radio Victoria, is available clicking here

Dr Burtis was invited to deliver the Opening Plenary Lecture “History and Future of the Clinical Laboratory”. He also brought a very interesting lecture on “Personal Experiences with Editing the Tietz Books of Clinical Chemistry”.

Dr Rej delivered two important lectures in the Symposium: “Accreditation of Medical Labs in the US: Background and Current Status” and “Errors in Laboratory Medicine: What we can learn from External Quality Control Programs”. The four lectures delivered were highly appreciated by the Meeting delegates.

The visitors had a very active participation in all the social activities where they could talk and exchange with the Meeting attendees. The invited lecturers visited the “Hermanos Ameijeiras” Hospital clinical laboratory, as part of the VLP application where they received an explanation of the main characteristics of this health institution and went over the clinical laboratory facilities. The lectures’ Report will come to this point in detail.

The EB of the Cuban Society of Clinical Pathology wants to thank the VLP and particularly Dr Elizabeth A. Frank, its current Chair, for the support to our application.

Also, we deeply appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment of the invited lecturers despite the inconveniences that arose, among others, forced them to travel through a third country.

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