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Adeli Khosrow - CA
pediatric clinical chemistry lipid and lipoproteins insulin resistence and type 2 diabetes metabolic syndrome POCT reference intervals

Das Saswati - IN
cardiac markers Lab quality management Diabetes lipid and lipoproteins fetal maternal clinical chemistry

Krintus Magdalena - PL
cardiac biomarkers troponin lipid and lipoproteins Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Mak Chloe - HK
Genetics of hereditary diseases Genomics Inborn errors in metabolism lipid and lipoproteins newborn screening

Orth Matthias - DE
EQA/PT lipid and lipoproteins lab management Coagulation

Shrestha Rojeet - Nepal
lipid and lipoproteins mass spectrometry Clinical mass spectrometry Cardiovascular Risk Assessment Liquid Chromatography Website & Social Media

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