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PSEP Report Nguyen Hieu - VN

IFCC Professional Scientific Exchange Programme (PSEP)

Report of Training Experience

by Mr. Nguyen Huu Hieu, Biochemistry Department of HaDong general hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam

Start Date for exchange programme:  1st June, 2016
End Date for exchange programme : 25th August, 2016

In the period of 3 months, I had a very interesting and useful training course supported by IFCC.

The medical laboratory at Ajou University Hospital in Korea is an ideally lab for me to study and experience.

Seoul National University Hospital

Seoul National University hospital

This modern laboratory brings good services to not only patients but also students. There are many small parts in this laboratory consisting of: Blood collection, Hematology, Chemistry, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Blood bank, Microbiology and Nuclear medicine.

My study schedule had two stages. In the first stage, I made a short tour around all of these small parts except Immunology; it was about 3 to 7 days for each part.

In the second stage, I mainly studied in the Immunology part for 2 months. There were a lot of modern systems and analyzers from many famous brands in the world.  The teachers in the laboratory combined teaching theory and guiding practice for training. I also had a lots of chance to operate these high-technology systems and analyzers that my lab in Vietnam does not have. Therefore, I could perform the tests by myself. It is an ideal way for both teaching and studying. After completing this training in Immunology part, I performed a lot of Immunology tests such as: Infection tests (HIV, HCV, HBV, CMV, etc.), autoimmune disease, allergy and HLA typing and cross-matching.

People here including professors, doctors and technicians are very kind and enthusiastic. They supported me very much not only in the study but also in my daily life which was very happy thanks to them. I express my sincere gratitude to my teachers and colleagues of the medical laboratory of the Ajou University Hospital in Korea.

After finishing this training course, I can use the knowledge to improve my lab work in the Ha Dong general hospital and share the experiences with my colleagues .Among them, HLA tests are very interesting, because recently, transplantation  has been developed in Vietnamese hospitals in general and in Ha Dong hospital in particular.

In addition, I also had an experience for one day in BunDang hospital in Seoul that is ranked in the four top hospitals in the Republic of Korea. This training is really useful for me as I had more time to experience and made an international relationship in medical field.

Finally, I am so happy to join this Professional Scientific Exchange Program as it provided me a great chance for not only improving my professional knowledge but also finding out the culture of the Republic of Korea where I have a lot of kind friends who I never forget.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to IFCC, especially to the Prof. Maurizio Ferrari, President of IFCC. This is really a meaningful time for my life thanks to this scholarship. I hope this programme will assist more participants in the future.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremony in Ajou Lab

Viral ELISA Tests

Performing viral ELISA tests

Immunology Group

Immunology Group in Ajou Lab

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