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2016 12 23 Season Greetings


Season's Greetings from the IFCC Executive Board and Office Staff. May the New Year bring Health, Success, Peace and more exciting developments in the world of Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Chemistry. We take the occasion to inform that the IFCC Office will be closed for Christmas Holidays from December 24th to January 1st, both inclusive.
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2016 12 22 eJIFCC Vol 27 n°4


A new issue of the eJIFCC is now available. eJIFCC Vol 27, n°4 focuses on Recent Advances in the Clinical Application of Mass Spectrometry. Guest-editor is Dr Ronda Greaves, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry at RMIT University, and Honorary Research Fellow at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne (AU). The MS dedicated articles highlight the changing landscape of MS based applications, and explore changes and advances to instrumentation which paves the way for new approaches. Two articles on successful projects in Pakistan and in Ethiopia, and two book reviews complete the issue.
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2016 12 12 IFCC eNews Nov - Dec 2016


eNews November - December 2016 is now available. The issue opens with why you shouldn't miss the 2017 WordLab Congress to be held in Durban. Following are updates on the IFCC Awards, the final article on "Shaping the future of laboratory medicine: your role"; a focus on Lab Surfing, the new IFCC Young Scientists Project. Other articles include a presentation of C-CLM web pages, and the latest news from IFCC Federations and National Associations. Subscribe to the eNews to keep up with current activities around the laboratory medicine world!
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2016 11 28 - WorldLab Congress website updated


The Worldlab Durban 2017 website has been updated. The Preliminary Programme is now available. On the website you will find the complete programmes of the symposia, the name of the speakers and many other useful information.
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2016 11 15 IFCC TF-YS Lab-Surfing


The IFCC Task Force for Young Scientists presents Lab-Surfing, a thoughtful development of social media designed and created in order to fulfill the unattended needs of Laboratory Young Scientists. In continuing evolving professions with new technologies and methods, YS find exchange programmes and communication essential for their laboratory practice.
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2016 11 10 IFCC eNews Flash Nov 2016


IFCC eNews Flash November edition is now available. In this issue you will find: important information on IFCC TF YS FREE webinar; the link to the IFCC position paper "Assuring the Quality of Interpretative Comments in Clinical Chemistry"; details on the Clinical Chemistry Trainee, and how to participate in the Labs Are Vital photo contests. Stay tuned with IFCC, read the eNews Flash!
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2016 11 02 IFCC TF-YS Webinar


The IFCC Task Force for Young Scientists invites you to join the second educational webinar for scientists and laboratorians. This free educational programme is focused on Clinical Laboratory Research, Dos and Donts of Clinical Lab Research, and Challenges from a Clinical Lab Research Case Study. It will be held on Friday, November 11th, 2016 - 8:00 a.m. EST
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2016 11 03 EML Athens 2017 Abstract submission extended


Due to the many requests, the deadline for the submission of the abstract has been postponed to 6 November 2016, 23:59 CET.
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2016 10 21 APFCB News 2016


The Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine News 2016 is now available. Read more below to access a copy and catch up with all the news and future projects announced in the opening message by the APFCB President, Dr Lai.
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2016 06 29 DiV - Junio 2016


Enjoy the contents of the June issue of DIAGNÓSTICO IN VITRO. After an editorial dedicated to Dr Cabutti and Dr Mazziotta, recently passed away, an interview with Dr Lippi focuses on preanalytical errors in Phlebotomy. Some news and a letter to the editor complete the issue. Disfruten el contenido de la edición de Junio de DIAGNÓSTICO IN VITRO. Luego de la editorial dedicada al Dr. Cabutti y el Dr. Mazziotta, lea la entrevista con el Dr. Lippi sobre los errores preanalíticos en flebotomía. Completan la presente edición algunas noticias, una carta al editor y 3 artículos de investigación.
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2016 10 12 IFCC eNews Sep - Oct 2016


eNews September - October 2016 is now available. The issue opens with the announcement of Prof. Morris elected IFCC President-Elect, detailed information on IFCC Awards, and an update on the IFCC initiative on Shaping the Future of Laboratory Medicine. Other articles on interesting IFCC initiatives and accomplishments include a historical perspective on Developing quality competence in medical laboratories, and a focus on IFCC WG on Flow Cytometry. Read the latest news from IFCC Federations and National Associations to keep up with activities around the laboratory medicine world!
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2016 10 12 - eJIFCC in PubMed Central


Electronic Journal of IFCC (eJIFCC) has now been officially indexed by MEDLINE/PUBMED. All issues from 2009 onwards are available online and are indexed, searchable, downloadable, and citable from PubMed. Older issues will be available online in the near future.
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2016 10 03 IFCC President-Elect is Prof H. Morris


Prof Morris will commence his term in office on January 1st, 2017 to be confirmed as IFCC President on January 1st, 2018 until 31st December 2020. IFCC congratulates the President-elect, and wishes him a fruitful and successful term of work for the promotion of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine world-wide.
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2016 09 21 IFCC Medal


IFCC is proud to announce its “IFCC Medal for Outstanding Service”. It will be awarded to an individual in recognition of sustained service to IFCC at the highest level in promoting the international practice of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. Nominations should be submitted to the IFCC by December 31st 2016.
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2016 09 14 IFCC News Flash - September edition


In the September IFCC eNews Flash you will find updates on the EuroMedLab Congress - Athens, 11-15 June 2017, the presentation of eJIFCC on Cardiac Biomarkers, and a highlight on an eAcademy webinar on Children's Reference Intervals, the first of a series of four. Subscribe to ensure you receive all the latest news!
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2016 09 02 IFCC Awards


IFCC is proud to announce its Distinguished Awards for presentation at the IFCC Congress in October 2017, Durban, South Africa. The IFCC distinguished Awards will be conferred to scientists and clinicians who work in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine or related disciplines to publicize their exceptional research and other contributions that have improved medical and healthcare, and to stimulate and encourage other scientists to accelerate their efforts in advancing clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. The closing date for receipt of nominations is 31 January 2017.
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2016 08 24 Ulisses TUMA, EB Member 2009 - 2014 †


It is with great regret that the IFCC announces the death of Dr. Ulisses Tuma, Executive Board Member from 2009 to 2014. Dr Ulisses TUMA passed away on 23, August 2, 2016. Dr. Tuma was President of SBAC from 2004 to 2010 period and he greatly contributed to the advancement of the profession.
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2016 08 01 eJIFCC Vol 27 n°3


A new issue of the eJIFCC is now available. eJIFCC Vol 27, n°3 focuses on Cardiac Markers. Guest-editor is Allan S. Jaffe, M.D., Consultant and Chair of the Division of Clinical Core Laboratory Services at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, US. Clinical validation has become an essential part of assay validation, in addition to a reasonable analytic validation of the accuracy of the assay. Analytical issues with natriuretic peptides and their use to guide therapy; high sensitivity cardiac troponin assays and how to implement them successfully; and soluble ST2 and galectin-3 are the subjects of this issue articles. An article on emerging and disruptive technologies complete the issue.
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2016 08 04 IFCC eNews Jul - Aug 2016


eNews July - August 2016 is now available. The issue opens with a report from the 1st International Congress on Personalized Health Care (ICPHC) held in Montreal in June 2016, focusing on "The added value of clinical laboratories in personalized medicine". Other articles on interesting IFCC initiatives and accomplishments include a report on the the launch of the IFCC app, an update on the IFCC initiative on Shaping the Future of Laboratory Medicine, and news from IFCC Federations and National Associations. Read the eNews to keep up with current activities around the laboratory medicine world!
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2016 09 08 Ballott for the President-Elect position


The term of IFCC President elect will commence on January 1st, 2017, to be confirmed as IFCC President for the period January 1st, 2018 until 31st December 2020. 3 candidates have been nominated by their National Societies and all applications were declared valid. IFCC Officers’ elections take place electronically and IFCC full members constitute the voting members.
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2016 08 28 ICE Award


Submit an abstract describing testing-related interventions and the quantifiable positive impact for patients they produced to enter the 2016/2017 ICE Award. The highest-rated submission will be invited to present as part of an IFCC symposium at the IFCC - EFLM EuroMedLab congress in Athens on Tuesday 13 June 2017.
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2016 07 23 IFCC eAcademy translation project


IFCC launches its translation collaborative project to facilitate access to eAcademy knowledge resources for a greater number of professionals and invites collaborators. IFCC invita a participar en el proyecto de traducción colaborativa destinado a facilitar el acceso de un número mayor de profesionales a los recursos de conocimiento de eAcademy.
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2016 07 13 IFCC eNews Flash July 2016


IFCC eNews Flash July edition is now available. In this issue you will find a focus on the New IFCC App, the most recent information on ICPLM 2017, and the presentation of IFCC eAcademy webinar on "Development and Validation of Cortisol-Cortisone LCMSMS". Stay tuned with IFCC, read the eNews Flash!
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2016 07 11 IFCC App


The Communications and Publications Division (CPD) is pleased to announce the release of the IFCC app on both iOS and Android platforms. A new mobile communication tool for use by all lab medicine professionals, the app provides direct access to the IFCC website, the latest IFCC news and upcoming events, access to e-learning modules, and the latest eJIFCC and eNews publications. Everything is available in one place and accessible with a single click on your mobile phone or tablet. Download the app free from iTunes or Google Play today!
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2016 10 18 DiV - Octubre 2016


La forma nueva de la revista DiV está en el primer aniversario. Su contenido lo hemos preparado con dedicación, y con el apoyo de prestigiosos profesionales. Noticias desde Brasil, España, Ecuador, República Dominicana y Argentina y novedades para los jóvenes científicos para becas e intercambios internacionales y el primer Webinar de IFCC para Acreditación del Laboratorio Clínico son artículos de mucho interés; esto con cuatro artículos científicos importantes, completan esta edición. Esta revista no se la puede perder, visítenos y comparta esta edición! We celebrate the first anniversary of the new DiV with news from Brazil, Spain, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Argentina, and news for young scientists on fellowships and international exchanges and the first Webinar of IFCC for Clinical Laboratory Accreditation. Do not miss this edition, visit us and share it!
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2016 06 13 IFCC eNews May - Jun 2016


eNews May - June 2016 is now available. The issue opens with an article in memoriam of Prof. Siest, IFCC Past President. News of IFCC initiatives and accomplishments in this edition include a report on the Biomarkers on Alzheimer's disease meeting, the launch of the IFCC eNews Flash, the IFCC Medal, and a focus on Shaping the Future of Laboratory Medicine. Other news items from IFCC Federations and National Associations allow the reader to keep up with current interesting activities around the laboratory medicine world.
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2016 06 09 IFCC Annual Report 2015


The 2015 IFCC Annual Report is now available. All the activities performed in 2015 by IFCC at a glance.
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2016 06 22 Shaping the Laboratory


Shaping the Future of Laboratory Medicine is one of the main opportunities and challenges for laboratory medicine specialists in modern healthcare. Sharing examples of good practice undertaken by individuals or organisations is one way to drive change. Good practices cover a wide range of activities and enable laboratory medicine to optimise its contribution to the future of healthcare. You can share your examples of good practice with the laboratory medicine community by submitting a brief contribution to IFCC by 8th July 2016.
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2016 05 23 IFCC launches its eNews Flash


The CPD Executive Committee is delighted to present the IFCC eNews Flash, an additional form of news delivery. The purpose of eNews Flash is to inform the IFCC community of newsworthy and important items that do not require a full article and could be conveyed in a short message easily accessible to the busy reader. It will be coordinated by Prof. Tahir Pillay, IFCC eNews editor.
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2017 05 XX IFCC eAcademy: two webinars on Traceability


The latest IFCC eAcademy webinar is by Prof C. Spencer (Southern California University - US) on the topic of Thyroglobulin Measurement. Visit the eAcademy and view the webinar to learn how Thyroglobulin measurement is used as a Tumour-marker in monitoring Differentiated Thyroid Cancers.
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2016 04 20 eJIFCC Vol 27 n° 2


A new issue of the eJIFCC is now available. eJIFCC Vol 27, n°2 celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Hungarian Society of Laboratory Medicine. Thanks to the work of Dr. Kappelmayer and other contributors, you will see how the history of laboratory diagnostics is the true tale of the spectacular medical and technical developments of the past decades; will have the demonstration of the multivalency of our discipline; and will appreciate how dedicated colleagues from Hungary, considerably contributed to the development of laboratory medicine.
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2016 04 13 Prof. Gerard Siést, IFCC Past President †


It is with great sadness that we have learned that Professor Gérard Siést, IFCC President 1991-1996, has passed away. Throughout his brilliant career, Gerard Siést was always animated by a dynamic and forward-looking vision for the evolution of Laboratory Medicine. He will be remembered fondly for his contributions to the profession and the IFCC.
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2016 04 08 IFCC eNews Mar - Apr 2016


The March - April 2016 IFCC eNews is now available. A portrait of Prof. Mazziotta, EB Member who recently passed away, opens the issue. A focus on two IFCC committees, the presentation of the IFCC Foundation for Emerging Nations, and an update on Shaping the Future of Laboratory Medicine, follow with many other interesting articles from the IFCC Federations and National Associations. Among them the announcement of the Roche Conference on Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease to be held in Mexico City in May and the results of EFLM elections held in Madrid.
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2016 04 18 APFCB News 2015


The Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine News 2015 is now available. Read more below to access a copy and catch up with all the news and future projects announced in the opening message by the APFCB President, Dr Lai.
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2016 03 08 IFCC PoCT International Symposium Slides available


An IFCC International Symposium on PoCT was held in Cancun, Mexico in November 2015. Presentations from the symposium are now available for download in pdf format.
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2016 03 09 KBUD, IFCC New Affiliate Member


The IFCC is happy to announce its 11th Affiliate member, the Society of Clinical Biochemistry Specialists (KBUD), from Turkey. The mission of KBUD is to promote the professional recognition of the clinical laboratory, to contribute to the training and scientific knowledge of members, and to contribute to continuous training of Turkish laboratory professionals with diverse organizations through seminars, conferences and national/international congresses.
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2016 03 11 TF-YS: A guide to conducting research in laboratory medicine


Download and read the IFCC e-publication “A guide to conducting research in laboratory medicine”! Drawing on the experience of respected scientists from leading healthcare organisations, the Guide provides Young Scientists with wealth of information on how to conduct research in laboratory medicine.
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2016 04 26 Foundation for Emerging Nations


IFCC is pleased to announce the Foundation for Emerging Nations (FEN), a non-profit Charitable Trust devoted to supporting programmes that help to improve the quality and delivery of laboratory medicine services, particularly in emerging nations.
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2016 03 01 TF-GLM


IFCC is glad to announce the new Task Force on Geriatric Laboratory Medicine. The Task Force is chaired by Dr Balion (CA). The TF-GLM aims to improve knowledge and understanding of key changes in physiology and pathophysiology that occur in elderly subjects and the impact that these may have on laboratory medicine parameters.
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2016 02 24 DiV - February- April 2016


Enjoy the contents of this issue prepared exclusively for you. DIAGNÓSTICO IN VITRO presents the change of directors of the Latin American Confederation of Clinical Biochemistry COLABIOCLI as well as the Hymn of COLABIOCLI. An article on El Microscopio and other interesting news complete the issue. Disfruten del contenido de esta edición preparado exclusivamente para ustedes. DIAGNÓSTICO IN VITRO presenta el cambio de Directivos de la Confederación Latinoamericana de Bioquímica Clínica COLABIOCLI como así también el Himno de la COLABIOCLI. Un artículo sobre El Microscopio y otras noticias interesantes completan la edicion.
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2016 02 22 Prof. Daniel MAZZIOTTA, EB Member †


Prof Daniel MAZZIOTTA passed away quietly in Buenos Aires on Sunday, February 14, 2016. IFCC has lost one of its brightest and sharpest specialists in lab medicine who contributed to worldwide IFCC reputation with a broad smile, spreading enthusiasm in promoting Lab Medicine well beyond the Latin American borders. IFCC and the Latin American Laboratory Medicine Community is deeply saddened by the death of Prof. Daniel Mazziotta.
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2016 02 16 IFCC eNews Jan-Feb 2016


The January - February 2016 IFCC eNews is now available. The first article describes the procedure and timetable for electing the IFCC Executive Board for period 2018-2020: a very important step for IFCC. An update on Shaping the future of laboratory medicine and the welcome to a new IFCC Affilitate member follow. The section with news from the IFCC Federations and National Associations is very rich. A report from two Young Scientists, IFCC PSEP participants complete the issue.
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2016 02 09 eJIFCC Vol 27 n° 1


A new issue of the eJIFCC is now available. eJIFCC Vol 27, n°1 is devoted to harmonization of clinical laboratory test results. Two respected laboratory scientists, Ms. Jillian Tate from Australia, and Dr. Gary L. Myers from the US, have guest-edited the issue, inviting international specialists to contribute their experience and expertise. Harmonization is a fundamental aspect of quality in laboratory medicine and a strong current focus, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes through provision of accurate and actionable laboratory information.
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2016 01 28 Medical Lab Accreditation eAcademy webinar


IFCC is pleased to announce that a new webinar has been published in the eAcademy section of the website. The presentation is the result of the collaboration between IFCC and ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) and it is freely available.
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2016 01 14 C-EUBD


IFCC has launched a new Committee on Education in the Use of Biomarkers in Diabetes. The Committee is chaired by Prof. Garry John (UK). The IFCC has a highly successful history in developing all aspects of standardisation and quality related to Haemoglobin A1c measurement via its new Committee will explore educational aspects relating to diabetic monitoring and diagnosis including assessing the value of new diabetes markers.
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2016 02 03 Histories of IFCC members


There are many ways in which the history of clinical chemistry has been documented. Some of these are detailed accounts of the 'legendary' accomplishments of notable clinical chemists that provided our profession with the sound scientific basis that allows us to practice, and that enhances our reputation within the entire medical profession. However,...
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