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A new IFCC Committee on Education in the Use of Biomarkers in Diabetes

Published: Thursday, January 14, 2016

The IFCC has a highly successful history in developing all aspects of standardisation and quality related to Haemoglobin A1c measurement. The IFCC-WG on Haemoglobin A1c standardisation successfully developed a reference method and primary reference material, which has enabled manufacturers worldwide to standardise their methods to a reference measurement procedure.  The working group was superseded by a Task Force on implementation of Haemoglobin A1c standardisation; this Task Force successfully developed and published quality standards for Haemoglobin A1c measurement.

As global standardisation has now been established, the IFCC Executive Board decided to re-focus and explore educational aspects relating to diabetic monitoring and diagnosis including assessing the value of new diabetes markers. A new Committee reporting to the Education and Management Committee has been formed and its members have a proven interest in scientific and/or educational aspects of diabetes.

For information on the Committee, its composition, contacts and terms of reference, visit the C-EUCBD page.

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