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Histories of IFCC members

Published: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

... however, it is just as important to document the significant efforts achieved by groups of like-minded clinical chemists around the world that felt it important to establish a forum in their particular country, region or location that could facilitate the education of clinical chemists, the distribution of information and an improved medium whereby they could communicate with their colleagues around the world.

The History web pages provide insight into the creation, role and achievements of 'Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Societies' from all over the world. It documents how the member societies that constitute IFCC were founded, and how they have grown to maturity. It includes wonderful photographic records of early meetings of those societies and of the individuals that sought to enhance the profession in their own country and in their own unique way.

The 'histories' have been provided by enthusiasts from over 50 countries. We hope that this collection will encourage the societies that have not joined in this effort to participate in this important project that greatly enhances the IFCC archives.


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