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IFCC welcomes KBUD, the new Affiliate member from Turkey

Published: Wednesday, March 9, 2016

KBUD, the Society of Clinical Biochemistry Specialists, was founded in 1999 in Istanbul and its members work in the field of Clinical Biochemistry.

The aim of KBUD and the areas of activities are as follows:
• To promote the science of Clinical Biochemistry in our country and to assist and enlighten all related establishments regarding health problems in our country.
• To promote scientific activities and the unity of members in the society.
• To help the formation of scientific developments in the field of Clinical Biochemistry in the country and to encourage members to report and publish their achievements and relevant studies.
• To organize scientific meetings in cooperation with local, national and international organizations.
• To support every aspect of the professional activities of society members.

Click here to lean more about KBUD or visit its website at:

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