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APFCB News 2015

Published: Monday, April 18, 2016

Praveen Sharma, Editor in Chief of APFCB News writes: "It is with a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that I am before you with this annual issue of APFCB News. It is my pleasure to come back to you with the new issue of APFCB news 2015. This issue is special in a way since it is the last annual issue of APFCB news; henceforth the APFCB news shall be published biannually. It is due to the constant and unfailing efforts of al the member societies and the corporate that the APFCB news has become a successful and much awaited annual publication of APFCB".

This issue features a special article on Tan It Koon, the founding president of APFCB, who has been a constant source of inspiration and has been actively involved in all the issues of APFCB news to date by contributing his marvelous art work for the cover pages. Once again the cover of the current issue is an exemplary piece of art by Dr Koon, symbolizing the blending of creative spirits and science.

APFCB News 2015 Cover


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