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IFCC eNews Nov - Dec 2016

Published: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

IFCC eNews: November - December 2016

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  • IFCC WorldLab 2017 Durban: why should you attend?
  • IFCC Distinguished Awards for the IFCC Congress Durban 2017
  • Shaping the future of laboratory medicine: your role
  • IFCC – Gérard Siest Award
  • IFCC Publications in 2016
  • “Lab Surfing” – IFCC-TFYS Project
  • What’s new with the website of the C-CLM?
  • IFCC and Helix Laboratory Services in a global project study on reference intervals
    • 4th Joint EFLM-UEMS Congress in Warsaw, Poland
    • EFLM Workshop held in Warsaw at the UEMS-EFLM Meeting
    • EFLM Bursary Programme to attend EuroMedLab 2017
    • 4th EFLM-BD Europan conference on Preanalytical Phase
    • EFLM Publications in 2016: an update
    • International Conference on Laboratory Medicine – Padua, Italy
    • EFLM WG-TE Course: Developing Medical tests that improve patient outcome
    • Bolivian Continuing Education Program with the Foundation Bioquimica Argentina
    • Asia-Pacific: APFCB and MACB collaboration for regional chemical pathology course
    • Asociación Bioquímica Uruguaya workshop on analytical quality
    • News from Spain: SEQC report on the 10th National Clinical Laboratory Congress
    • SEQC-FENIN Workshop: “Implications of the new codes of ethics”
  • IFCC'S Calendar of Congresses, Conferences & Events
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