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eJIFCC Vol 29 n°3

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2018

eJIFCC Volume 29 no 3 - 2018

In this issue: Laboratory medicine – meeting the needs of Mediterranean nations (Part 1)
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1Foreword of the editor-in-chief
János Kappelmayer
2Laboratory medicine: meeting the needs of Mediterranean nations
Guest Editors: Sergio Bernardini, Bernard Gouget
Transmissible diseases in the Mediterranean area
3Communicable diseases in the Mediterranean region
Ghassan Shannan
4Are medical laboratories ready for the diagnosis of parasitic diseases?
Ahmet Özbilgin
5Travel, migration and emerging infectious diseases
Nicolas Vignier, Olivier Bouchaud
Training and education in laboratory medicine
6Is the profession of laboratory medicine uniform across the North Mediterranean countries?
Konstantinos Makris
7EFLM project “Exchange of practical knowledge and skills in Laboratory Medicine” – EFLMLabX
Evgenija Homšak
Improving health with emerging technologies
8Economic evaluation as a tool in emerging technology assessment
Nataša Bogavac-Stanojević
9Who or what is SHERLOCK?
Ann M. Gronowski
10Advancement in POCT molecular testing: the multiplex PCR POCT devices for infectious diseases
Alpaslan Alp
11New solutions for the sample transport and results delivery: a digital lab
Damien Gruson
12Next generation sequencing: from research area to clinical practice
Chiara Di Resta, Maurizio Ferrari
13miRNA and other non-coding RNAs as promising diagnostic markers
Dorota Trzybulska, Eleni Vergadi, Christos Tsatsanis
14Letter: NGS for metabolic disease diagnosis
Dèlia Yubero, Rafael Artuch
15Letter: Reflections on the mentor-mentee relationship as a symbiosis
Josep Miquel Bauça
16Letter: Inter-laboratory exchange of knowledge and technology around our Sea
Guilaine Boursier

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