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Register to the IFCC Live Webinar on 10th August: Tumor Liquid Biopsy

Published: Wednesday, August 11, 2021

10th August 2021
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Dear Colleagues,

Malignant tumors are serious diseases endangering human health. Early detection and diagnosis is the key to improve the 5-year survival rate of cancer patients, which is an urgent problem to be solved clinically. However, the methods available for the early diagnosis of cancer are very limited at present. Therefore, the importance of developing useful diagnostic and monitoring tools should be emphasized to improve the clinical outcome of patients with cancer.

Recently, the emergence of tumor liquid biopsy, such as cell-free DNA, RNA and mitochondrial DNA, open up new possibilities for the non-invasive detection of various human cancers. These promising markers are considered to possess great potential and could facilitate therapeutic strategies for cancer including the following: early detection of diseases, predication of prognostic outcome, monitoring of tumor dynamics and development of novel targeted treatments. Meanwhile, the rapid development of molecular biology technology promotes the realization of liquid biopsy techniques as non-invasive molecular diagnostic markers.  This webinar will be focused on tumor liquid biopsy to help us understand the research hotspots, latest developments and potential clinical applications.

The webinar will contain three presentations of 20 min per speaker plus 20 min panel discussion.

Talk 1: Circulating tumor cell characterization of lung cancer brain metastases in the cerebrospinal fluid through single-cell transcriptome analysis

Speakers: Prof. Ming Guan [China]

Talk 2: The application of mitochondrial DNA mutation as novel biomarker in cancer detection

Speakers: Prof. Jinliang Xing [China]


Talk 3: Using tRNA-derived small RNAs as biomarkers in the screening of gastric cancer 

Speakers: Prof. Junming Guo [China]

Chairperson: Prof. Chuanxin Wang, President elect of Chinses Society of Laboratory Medicine (CSLM)

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Time Zones: Live presentations starting at 7:00 AM Eastern Time US; 1:00 PM Central European Time, 7:00 PM Beijing Time

Please ensure that you carefully determine the time that the presentation will start in your global time zone. To convert to your time zone click here


If you miss the live event, on demand webinar will be available after 24 hours of live event.

Certificate of Participation: available for all participants. Please visit webinar auditorium to get your certificate.

Note: Simultaneous translation available in Chinese language. You can switch between English and Chinese session from webinar auditorium. Please note that Q/A session is only available in English session. If you are attending Chinese session, please switch back to English session after completion of presentations.

Sincerely yours,

Rojeet Shrestha,

Co-Ordinator, IFCC eLearning/eAcademy

Recorded webinar: available on demand

Certificate of Participation: available for all registrants

The IFCC Live Webinar Series is partially sponsored by Siemens and Boston Children's Hospital



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