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2014 12 18 Season's Greetings


Happy Holidays! May the New Year bring you and your family a Healthy, Happy and Successful New Year.
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2014 12 17 Paris registration on-line system now open!


The on-line registration system for the Paris Congress is now open. Early registration discount is available until 30 April 2015.
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2014 12 04 TF-YS Social Network


The aim of TF-YS is to ensure that young scientists make a significant and growing contribution to the activities of IFCC and to the promotion of laboratory medicine at the centre of healthcare. You can participate by joining the TF-YS networking community via their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn groups.
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2014 12 04 IFCC eNews Nov-Dec 2014


Read the sixth edition of the IFCC eNewsletter now available! In this edition the IFCC President editorial discusses the experiences and achievements of the past six years with a focus on the opportunities that lie ahead for laboratory medicine, for the specialists in our profession, and for the IFCC. Also in this issue are reports from the Working Group on Quality Indicators, highlights from "El Microscopio", news from IFCC members, and other interesting features.
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2014 11 26 The IFCC TF collaborates


The ‘better together’ approach has proven itself time and again – and the world of laboratory medicine is no different. The IFCC is committed to progression through partnership. In a recent "The Pathologist" article, seven IFCC Task Forces describe their focus, discuss what further challenges must be addressed to achieve ambitious goals, and highlight how those issues are likely to affect the pathology community.
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2014 11 18 Call for Abstracts - 4th Congress of AFCC MedLab


AFCC invites colleagues from Africa and from all over the world to present their experiences, research and projects at the 4th AFCC Congress to be held from 28 to 30 April 2015 in Harare (ZW). Deadline for submitting abstracts: 28 February 2015
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2014 11 08 Labs4Life Photo Contest Winners


In celebration of International Pathology Day on November 5th, Labs Are Vital asked members in the laboratory medicine profession to showcase where in the world they work in the 2014 Labs4Life Photo Contest. Congratulations to the winners: Abdul Waheed, Eurasia; Zlatko Marusic, Europe and Africa; and Jessica Johnson, Americas. Each will receive $1000 toward a scientific meeting of their choice. Visit the Labs are Vital website to see their winning entries.
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2014 10 24 eJIFCC 2014, Vol 25 n°3


Peer review and ethics in publication are the main focus of the current edition of the eJIFCC. Guest Editors Prof. Adeli (CA) and Dr Vervaart (AU), and colleagues summarize the pros and cons of peer review, explain the process of peer review, and give tips to successfully complete this process. Issues such as plagiarism and image manipulation, open access publishing, and the need for appropriate writing experience are also discussed in the current edition. An article on Kallikrein-related peptidases in prostate cancer and a book review complete the issue.
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2014 10 17 Ebola Presentation


The IFCC website hosts Professor Jacob Mufunda's presentation on the plan for National Preparedness on 'What We Must Have In Place To Deal With Ebola In Zimbabwe and Africa". The presentation was given at the College of Health Sciences - University of Zimbabwe and focused on the need for all African countries to put in place an Ebola Preparedness Plan, consisting of 1) Coordination; 2) Surveillance; 3) Social Mobilisation; 4) Case Management; and 5) Logistics.
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2014 10 10 IFCC eNews Sep-Oct 2014


The new edition of the IFCC eNewsletter is now available. In the current edition: a focus on the International Pathology day; the latest updates on the Rome Conference on Biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease; news from IFCC members; the experiences of the young scientists that participated at the Istanbul Congress thanks to the IFCC Roche Travel Scholarships. Two reports of the participants to the IFCC Professional Exchange Programmes in the Stellenbosch University (ZA) complete the issue.
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2014 10 01 Labs are Vital Photo Contest


In celebration of the upcoming International Pathology Day on November 5, Labs are Vital is hosting the 2014 Labs4Life photo contest to showcase the work of pathologists and laboratory professionals around the world. Watch for details on FB or on Twitter @labsarevital #Labs4Life Photo Contest celebrating #IPD2014
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2014 09 29 IFCC Calendar and ePublications


Keep updated with the activities of IFCC by joining the IFCC mailing list! Follow the link from the "Subscribe" button on the home page to register your e-mail address and receive the eJIFCC and eNews publications direct to your inbox, along with the Calendar of Congresses and Courses updated monthly. The mailing list is private and you can unsubscribe at any time.
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2014 09 15 IFCC website resource updates


Visit the new Resources and Downloads page of the IFCC website. Accessible from the top line of the home page, the Resources and Downloads page features links to many useful communication and informative tools, such as brochures and presentations, scientific and educational tools on PoCT and Cardiac Biomarkers, and leaflets on the available programmes for developing countries. The newest addition is the Spanish version of the Laboratory Medicine slide presentation.
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2014 09 08 Ebola Report


The Ebola outbreak that has been occurring in West Africa (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria) since May 2014, is the theme of a Radio el Microscopio interview with Prof. Hilda Tendisa Marima-Matarira, President of the Zimbabwe Association Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine. Ebola is caused by infection with one of the Ebolaviruses, and spread by direct contact with a sick person’s blood or body fluids, or direct contact with objects that have been contaminated. Listen to the interview (in English) to know more about this deadly disease, and on how local authorities are dealing with its prevention.
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2014 09 04 eJIFCC 2014, Vol 25 n°2


The current edition of the eJIFCC focuses on one of the fastest growing areas of pathology testing, PoCT. Thanks to Prof. Ellis Jacobs, guest editor of this themed edition, a number of renowned experts on the field of POCT discuss advances and current problems of this rapidly changing and increasingly important laboratory subdivision. Several non-themed articles, including a case report and one on targeted therapies for prostate cancer, complete the issue.
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2014 09 01 NPU database August 2014 Edition


The August 2014 Edition of the NPU terminology is now available for download and can be searched using the search function included on the web page.
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2014 08 10 Interview with Dr Thomas Sudhof - Nobel Prize


Listen to the El Microsopio interview with Dr Thomas Sudhof, co-recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology for his work on vesicle trafficking. He talks about his career and the possible clinical applications of his discoveries. He also describes how he received the annocement of the Nobel Prize. A portrait of his career completes the interview.
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2014 08 20 ICCCLM PoCT Presentations


The IFCC Task Force on PoCT held a satellite meeting in Istanbul, on occasion of the 2014 IFCC WorldLab Congress. Presentations from the meeting, PoCT Enabling Patient-Centred Care, are now available for download.
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2014 07 28 IFCC eNews Jul - Aug 2014


A new edition of the IFCC eNewsletter is now available. In the current edition a reflection on the IFCC Council, held during the XXII WorldLab in Istanbul, by the IFCC President, Dr Graham Beastall. You will find also a recap of the programmes available within the IFCC to assist developing countries and the most recent updates on the "Labs Are Vital" initiative. The news from the IFCC members complete the issue, together with the experiences of the young scientists that participated in three IFCC Professional Exchange Programmes.
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2014 07 25 Labs Are Vital Announcement


A reminder that Labs Are Vital is changing and we want you to be involved! Labs Are Vital invites you to post blogs, start discussions, comment on stories, share your own experiences, and contribute to the LRV online toolbox. IFCC Member societies are invited to consider becoming an Affiliate Member of Labs Are Vital, which provides the opportunity to have a community page on the LRV website, in your native language.
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2014 07 22 TF-CB Documents


Implementation and use of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin assays in practice, and the calculation of the clinically-relevant change (delta) values, can be challenging. The IFCC Task Force on Clinical Applications of Cardiac Bio-markers (TF-CB) has prepared two helpful documents that are now available in both extended and pocket formats for immediate and easy consultation.
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2014 07 12 APFCB News 2013


The Asia-Pacific Federation for Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine 2013 News is now available. Read this special issue, published after the 13th APFCB Congress in Bali, to enjoy a glimpse of this well organised and successful event. This issue also features updates on member societies' activities and some useful articles from both regular and corporate members. The attractive painting on the cover page, “Cherry Blossom Time in Japan”, has been graciously contributed by Prof. Tan It Koon, founder and past president of APFCB, from his precious artwork.
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2014 07 02 IFCC 2013 Annual Report


The IFCC Annual Report 2013 is now available. All the activities performed in 2013 by IFCC at a glance.
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2014 06 26 XXII IFCC WorldLab Congress: an announced success


The XXII IFCC WorldLab Congress, at its last day, has been a huge success! The many participants, the great interest of the scientific sessions and lectures, the many meetings, the corporate participation, the possibility to network with colleagues from all over the world, the successful social events and the fascinating Istanbul scenario have made the Congress a great event!
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2014 06 06 IFCC eNews May-Jun 2014


The May - June 2014 IFCC eNewsletter now available. Preceding the 23° ICCCLM to be held in Istanbul, this edition offers the latest fundamental updates on "Shaping the Future of Laboratory Medicine" and highlights the key points for the THE GREAT DEBATE taking place during the IFCC Council on Sunday 22 June 2014 in the Congress Centre, Istanbul, Turkey. Many other interesting articles complete the current edition that you can access on your preferred device. Send your contribution to the dedicated email address:
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2014 05 30 IFCC programmes to assist developing countries


One of the goals of IFCC is to help improve the quality of Clinical Laboratory testing and management, particularly in developing countries, with the ultimate goal of assisting laboratories to achieve accreditation. A newly available leaflet has been designed to assist developing countries in understanding the programmes that are available for Member associations and their individual members, and to make it easier for scientists to assess information in a way that will not cause them a financial burden.
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2014 05 30 ICCCLM On Line Registration deadline


June 8th is the deadline to register on-line. Afterwards, it will be possible to register on-site only, starting from June 22nd at an increased fee. Do not miss the opportunity to save up to 100 Euro and join your colleagues already registered to the IFCC-WorldLab Istanbul 2014 Congress! For further details and on-line registration visit
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2014 04 23 eJIFCC 2014, Vol 25 n°1


A focus on Men's Health is the main "unconventional" subject of the latest issue of the eJIFCC. Thanks to Maria Pasic, to Vathany Kulasingam and to Eleftherios P. Diamandis who, as guest editors, greatly contributed to the current volume. A special emphasis on prostate cancer and other health issues exclusive to men such as androgen replacement therapy and male infertility have been included, as well one chapter on bladder cancer which occurs in both men and women. An article on estimation of alert and change limits of haematological quantities complete the issue.
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2014 04 10 IFCC eNews Mar-Apr 2014


The March - April 2014 IFCC eNews is now available in the new flipping and pdf versions. Access your copy on your preferred device and stay tuned with IFCC! Read the updates on the IFCC Strategic Programme and the most recent news from the IFCC National Associations. Send your contribution to the dedicated email address:
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2014 04 05 El Microscopio - Radio Istanbul


IFCC is pleased to present the International Edition of El Microscopio, March 2014, exclusively focused on the 2014 IFCC WorldLab Congress that will be held in Istanbul (TR). Listen to this special edition of the Web Radio programme for the last updates on the Congress and much more!
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2014 04 23 WorldLab 2014 Istanbul


Istanbul hosts the 22nd International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC WorldLab 2014), the 22nd Congress of the Balkan Clinical Laboratory Federation (BCLF) and the 26th National Congress of the Turkish Biochemical Society (TBS 2014) from June 22-26, 2014. Everyone is invited to attend this major event!
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2014 03 25 Thinking of Introducing PoCT – Things to Consider


Point of Care Testing (PoCT) is defined as diagnostic testing at or near the site of patient care. The IFCC Task Force on PoCT promotes quality in the use, performance, interpretation and reporting of POCT across the full spectrum of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. Visit the TF-POCT Resources page to download the useful guide: "Thinking of Introducing PoCT – Things to Consider".
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2014 03 12 IFCC Distinguished Awards


The IFCC is pleased to announce the names of the winners of the seven 2014 IFCC Distinguished Awards. These Distinguished Awards are bestowed to laboratory medicine professionals to recognize their outstanding achievements, publicize their exceptional research and contributions to medicine and healthcare, and encourage the overall advancement of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.
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2014 03 07 XIIIth International Congress of Pediatric Laboratory Medicine


Congress delegates are invited to submit abstracts of their scientific work for poster presentation at XIII International Congress of Pediatric Laboratory Medicine (ICPLM) Istanbul 2014. Abstracts should be submitted by March, 15th 2014.
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2014 03 05 IOF-IFCC study


The IFCC is pleased to announce that a new study by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) and IFCC Working Group on Standardization of Bone Markers Assays summarizes the clinical performance of bone turnover markers in fracture risk prediction in untreated individuals in prospective cohort studies.
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2014 03 04 IFCC 2015-2017 Corporate member elections results


The IFCC is pleased to announce that elections for the Corporate Member of the Executive Board has been completed and the elected candidate is Dr. Rolf Hinzmann - Roche Diagnostics, Germany. We congratulate the elected Corporate Member who will join the newly elected EB to ensure the promotion of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine world-wide.
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2014 02 28 NPU database February 2014 Edition


The February 2014 Edition of the NPU terminology is now available for download and can be searched using the search function included on the web page.
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2014 02 26 IFCC/ESCCA Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometry Course


The 2014 IFCC/ESCCA Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometry Course will be held in Vienna (AT) from 24 to 26, April 2014. The course will provide high quality lectures on "Harmonisation and Standardisation in Flow Cytometry", including the most recent flow cytometry applications.
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2014 02 20 eJIFCC Vol 24 n° 3/4


The eJIFCC 2013, Vol. 24 n° 3/4 is now available. This special double issue is dedicated to "The role of Clinical Laboratories in Personalized Medicine", focussing on progress in the field, highlighting some of the challenges and success stories, as well as speculating on some exciting future applications of the concept. As Dr Jordan, the guest editor, writes: "Several compelling reasons make it clear why we now need to think about healthcare in terms of an individualized approach". Two other non themed articles complete the issue.
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2014 02 18 IFCC 2015-2017 EB elections results


The IFCC is pleased to announce that elections for three Members of the Executive Board has been completed. Participation in the new electronic voting format was very high. We congratulate the elected EB Members who will join the already elected President, Secretary and Treasurer to ensure the promotion of clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine world-wide.
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2014 02 10 IFCC eNews Jan-Feb 2014


The January - February 2014 IFCC eNews is characterized by a new graphical style: enjoy its improved readability and fresh look! The new issue, available in the flipping and pdf versions, features an important update on the "Shaping of Laboratory Medicine" project. An IFCC Professional Exchange Programme report, the most recent news from the IFCC National Associations, and some other news complete the first 2014 issue. Send your contribution to the dedicated email address:
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2014 01 22 ICCCLM Abstract submission deadline


The IFCC WorldLab Istanbul 2014 abstracts submission has been extended to 28 February 2014! Submit an abstract of your scientific work to be selected as a free communication!
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2014 01 20 International Agreement to Improve Quality in Laboratory Medicine NPU Terminology


The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), the International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and the Danish National e-Health Authority (DeHA) are pleased to announce the signing on 7 January 2014 of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Agreement regarding NPU terminology.
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